We are almost half way through 2016 and in the way of movies we haven’t exactly been spoiled.

A host of lackadaisical actions thrillers coupled with the Coen brothers disappointing “Hail Caesar” and “Batman vs Superman” which left many feeling underwhelmed at such a hyped blockbuster lacking in story and character. Fear not! I offer no guarantees but from here on in judging by the titles headed our way we are in for a stellar year of film.

The immediate titles you can look forward to in the next few weeks and months are “Captain America: Civil War” just opened, Marvel’s “X men Apocalypse” on the 19th of May and one for all the batman fans especially those who hankered for “Batman vs Superman” and wondered what the fuss was for as “Suicide Squad“ hits the screens August 6th.

Away from spandex and superpowers, with the Oscar season just finishing, coming to a head at the end of February, culminating with the investigative thriller “Spotlight” winning best picture we look forward to what’s in store this season. Celebrities have well since squeezed out of their swanky outfits as we’ve recovered from all the serious, straight faced movies that hit our screens earlier this year so it’s not too soon to speculate what’s in the cinematic storeroom for us come the cold months. Although there is still a fair while to wait until the film hopefuls start coming out in the Autumn, many titles have been announced and there’s some exciting prospects in either pre production or doing the rounds in film festivals right now. Here are a few I picked out:

The Founder”

A biopic film about the life of Ray Kroc, the man who is responsible for many post Oceana drunk eating sessions and expanding waistlines across the globe after joining McDonalds in 1954 and making it into the most successful fast food giant in the world. Starring Michael Keaton as Ray this film has all the hallmarks to make an impression at the Oscars considering Keaton has been in the previous two best film winning pictures (“Birdman” and “Spotlight”) and should make a really interesting drama.


The behemoth that’s Martin Scorsese returns with his first film since “The Wolf of Wall Street” creating huge anticipation in the film world. Scorsese in the past couple of decades has seemingly forgotten what it takes to make a bad film. Featuring Adam Driver better known as Kylo Ren these days stars alongside an unrecognisable Liam Neeson who’s fans feared had some terminal illness after seeing him lose a considerable amount of bodyweight in the build up to production. The story surrounds two Portuguese catholic priests who embark on a quest to find their mentor in Japan and spread the teachings of Christianity but face a violent push back from locals. Expect plenty of blood and violence as per usual.


“Sully” promises to be the film of an iconic partnership, last year it was “Bridge of Spies”, this year Tom Hanks cheats on Spielberg with another headstrong filmmaker: Clint Eastwood to make the ‘incredible true story’ of the Oscar potential field. The amazing story of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the man who landed the US airways flight 1549 with a plane full of passengers on the Hudson river in New York after hitting a flock of geese mid-flight.



Steven Spielberg does have an effort coming out in the Autumn the way of the classic Roald Dahl story “The BFG”. Spielberg is always guaranteed a nomination even if his movie isn’t a standout so expect this to do well. A trailer is already available for this age group spanning flick, which you can watch here:

The Light Between Oceans

The ‘gut wrenching one’ or the ‘one it’s safe to take mum too knowing she’ll be appreciative’ or ‘the one you secretly enjoy’, whatever the label it promises to be popular movie and if Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander don’t overact they’re nailed on for nominations. Based on a book by the same name it centres around couple who toil over keeping a baby that washes to their house by the sea after finding out where she came from.

Other Oscar potentials include J.K Rowling’s return to the big screen with “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, a spin off of “Harry Potter” starring the adaptable Eddie Redmayne. “La La Land” is the stand out romantic drama featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone while “Birth Of a Nation”, out January 2017, will prove to be the film that sparks more #OscarsSoWhite controversy if it doesn’t receive any nominations as it depicts an uprising of slaves led to freedom by Nat Turner in 1831.

One things is for sure from here on in it’s looking like a top year for film lovers of all genres.

Originally written by Ben Viney