Bronies meme

If you haven’t already heard about this, then I don’t blame you. A fan base consisting of adult men between the ages of 18 and 35 in America have taken a massive interest in the kids television program ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’; they are being called ‘Bronies’ (a blend of bro & pony)…

These little girls…my apologies…grown men have been drawn to the show because of its interesting characters, captivating stories and stunning animation. And I’m sat here wondering why ‘Tangled’, ‘Johnny Bravo’ or ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ don’t have a bigger following, but that’s just me.

This sub-culture of fans is certainly devoted to the show. They have held conventions, created online sites to share their self-created artwork, music and stories, started charities and have even held fundraisers to make television adverts thanking the programs creators as well as starting blood drives for children’s charities – they raised over $60,000 for one of them.

It’s very, very easy to judge, yet the Bronies are doing a lot of good it seems. It’s not easy to say we will all understand why grown men are attracted to such a program. Especially considering its target audience are little girls, but in the end if it’s helping people and is making them happy then it’s hard to find fault with it. It’s possible that deep within the minds of the Bronies there was something that was lacking in their childhood and if this program helps then what’s the problem I say?

Well not a lot of people unfortunately see it that way. The Bronies have, being honest, unsurprisingly received a lot of stick for their pony interest from all areas of the media including Fox News,, and even Jerry Springer who has asked for any Bronies to come and appear on his show, and that’s just an insult in itself. One young Brony from a YouTube video said he has received all sorts of abuse from people in his hometown ranging from verbal abuse all the way to physical damage done to his car. When asked why he puts up with it he says “I’m

going to be who I am and no one’s going to tell me otherwise” – hard to argue with that really…unless you’re a vegetarian, then you need help! Kidding.

If you want to see for your own eyes then there’s an interesting trailer on YouTube for a documentary done on this strange fan base named “Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony”. Over & Out.