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Netflix is basically ruling the world, alongside Disney. Next year they’re releasing a lot of new shows and new series for their older, established original series. As a binger of Netflix and a lover of never going outside, I cannot wait to find more reasons to shirk all my responsibilities.

Daredevil, Series 2

Remember when Ben Affleck was Daredevil? Well don’t. The bloke from Stardust is Daredevil now and he’s a lot better. I’m a little surprised that after Jessica Jones, Daredevil is the first Marvel show they’d release, rather than Luke Cage. But at the same time, I’m really not. The series ended with Fisk ending up in custody, leaving room for Vanessa to takeover. There’s no official release date yet, aside from ‘Spring 2016’.

Grace and Frankie, Series 2 & 3

This is a show that was a surprise enjoyment to me. I honestly never expected to like a show about two women who become friends after their husbands reveal they’re gay and are getting married to each other, but it was surprisingly good. The series ended with Frankie sleeping with her ex-husband, after having a difficult time getting over him. There will be one series at the beginning of the year and one towards the end, potentially.

House of Cards, Series 4  

Is there anything better than a slimy yet satisfyingly good to watch Kevin Spacey? What a guy. This show is so binge-watchable as well I think people are going to forget what I look like. The last series had the Underwood’s marriage on the rocks, ending with Claire leaving him. Things are probably going to get messy. Series 4 will be released on March 4th.

Orange is the New Black, Series 4

Okay, who liked series 3? I mean, who actually liked it and not because Ruby Rose was in it for the briefest amount of time? Piper turned really annoying, Alex got weirdly paranoid and Nicky left. NICKY! There was no one to sass Piper when she became the knicker mogul and got power crazy. Still, it’s not like I didn’t enjoy any of it. Crazy-Eyes found love and wrote a story that all in the inmates loved, Cindy found out who she wanted to be (and not just because of the food), and we saw a softer, vulnerable side to Pennsatucky.

We don’t talk about John Bennett.

The series ended with the prison ‘recruiting’ more inmates, and becoming dependant on government funding. I for one am seriously hoping they’ll be a prison riot, similar to the one in Natural Born Killers. Series 4 will be released in June sometime.

Black Mirror, Series 3

Technically, this wasn’t an original Netflix series to begin with. Black Mirror was first released on Channel 4, but Netflix has picked it up for series 3. And oh my god, I can’t wait. I just can’t. Charlie Brooker has hooked me onto this dark, satirical show and I’m really hoping that series 3 lives up to my own expectations. My favourite one so far has been White Bear, which is essentially a woman living out her own, horrific Groundhog Day, without the remembering that it keeps happening and without Bill Murray. That poor woman. There is no confirmed release date as of yet.

Bojack Horseman, Series 3

I’m so happy Aaron Paul found this show. I’m so happy Will Arnett is in this show. I’m so happy about this show. This is a show that when seeing it, it looks like a show similar to Family Guy or Bob’s Burgers, where everything seems to be resolved in 22 minutes. Nope. This is about a failed horse actor, whose glory days are behind him and in the form of a 90s sitcom. From the description, it doesn’t sound like the emotional, heartbreaking show that it is. Things can seem to be resolved but aren’t. Every bold step seems to be cut off, forcing them to take two steps back. Alcoholism and drug use can be key themes in this show, but so is hope and the aspiration to do better. It’s a genuinely good show, with genuinely funny moments and one that I love watching. The series ended with with everyone very sad. There is no release date as of yet.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Series 2

There is a reason why Tina Fey is regarded as a great writer, and this show proves that. Though series one was a little slow getting into it, from my perspective anyway, it soon became something I could not stop watching. It all just seemed so natural, which given the circumstances really shouldn’t have. ‘A woman who has been trapped in a bunker for years believing the world had ended, is found and begins to live her best like in New York’. Seems like a weird set-up but it works so well. Kimmy’s positive attitude is amazing and ‘Pinot Noir’ is probably the best song I’ve heard in my entire life. The series ended on Jon Hamm being sent to jail, so I honestly have no idea where it could go, but I’m excited to find out. Series 2 will air in March.

Better Call Saul, Series 2

I still personally believe that Mike should have got the spin off. I mean, that no half-measures speech is an entire episode on its own. I’m glad he’s there but just imagine what that could have been like. I’m hoping this series gets into the more crooked side of Saul’s work, or at least give us another insight into how encountering Walter White completely destroyed his life. Still, I did enjoy series 1 a lot. Bob Odenkirk is funny as always, but seeing a side of Saul that is part of genuine concern and struggle was a great thing to see. Having never really heard of Saul’s family before, a time when he was known as ‘Jimmy’ the introduction of the phobic but brilliant lawyer brother was amazing. I mean, that’s what it was until the finale. The series ended with Jimmy realising that Chuck had been blocking his future, keeping him from advancing in the firm. The betrayal is harsh and Jimmy ends his relationship with him. He’s offered a job at the law firm, but after talking with Mike, (beautiful, wonderful Mike) he instead drives off towards his Saul future. I want to warn him so bad. Series 2 will premiere on February 15th, but unlike other Netflix shows, will be released weekly.

Luke Cage, Series 1

This character was introduced in the recent (and undeniably brilliant – David Tennant was the best he’s ever been) Jessica Jones, already beginning the Marvel merger and getting them set up for the Defenders. He was tough as nails, was constantly living past pain and a great character to watch. I have no idea what’s going to happen in this show, but I’m hoping it keeps up the high standard that have been set by Daredevil and Jessica Jones. There is no actual release date as of yet.

A Series of Unfortunate Events, Series 1

This is something that I have needed for a long time. I have wanted this book series to be made into an actual series for a long time, and I was so happy when this was announced. For those unaware, or for those that have blocked the Jim Carrey film from their mind, the story is centred around the three Baudelaire children, who are all orphaned when their parents die in a fire and are placed in the custody of Count Olaf. Whilst this begins as a chase for their wealth, it soon becomes about solving the mystery of how their parents died, and why. What club they were in, how they all seem to have these relatives but never have really known them, why Count Olaf is seemingly against them straight away. Not only that, it’s about survival. This series is tipped to be released in 2016, but there is no actual confirmation yet.

Though I could talk about all these shows for days on end, I will spare you, dear readers, for the good of all our sanities. Below is a list of other shows to be released in 2016, with added USA shows for you scoundrels who have got it:

Narcos, Series 2: Date to be certified

Bloodline, Series 2: Spring

Between, Series 2: May

Arrested Development, Series 5: Mid-2016

Longmire, Series 5: Date to be certified

Marco Polo, Series 2: Late 2016

SENSE8, Series 2: Late 2016

Trailer Park Boys, Series 10 & 11: Spring and end of 2016

Club de Cuervos, Series 2: Spring

The OA, Series 1: Date to be certified

Chelsea Handler, Series 1: Date to be certified

Love, Series 1 and 2: Date to be certified

The Get Down, Series 1: Date to be certified

Stranger Things, Series 1: Date to be certified

Fuller House, Series 1: Date to be certified

The Ranch, Series 1: Date to be certified

Lady Dynamite, Series 1: Date to be certified

Iron Fist, Series 1: Date to be certified

Lost in Space, Series 1: Date to be certified 

What a list. No doubt there’s more to come. Is there anything you’re looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!