New Album: Awolnation to release “Here Comes the Runts”

New Album: Awolnation to release “Here Comes the Runts”


Months ahead of its release, Awolnation released two singles from their new album “Here Come the Runts” available on second February.

The first of the two, Passion, was released on October 12th and if its anything to go by the album is gonna be great. It’s the kind of song you can imagine over a montage in a heist film with its fast and smooth pace that makes it easy to chill to, yet easily gets you pumped.

The lyrics aren’t the deepest and aren’t going to end up on some poster of a sunset as some sort of inspirational quote, but they’re easy to learn and easy to belt out with your friends when feeling good. The steady drumbeat combined with Bruno’s lyrics makes for a great song with a cool and memorable title, however, when that bass comes in, it’s the cherry on top.

The other single, “Seven Sticks of Dynamite” has that much more real and gritty sound to it that we are much more familiar to. Not in the sense of the heavy beats but the atmosphere, it’s very reminiscent of “Sail”.

At the beginning, the song takes on a very country sound to it with the only things we hear being Bruno and an acoustic guitar. The song later picks up with a slick bass intro and backup vocals to fully grab you by the ears and make you listen.

One thing I’ve always loved about their songs is their ability to shout in the lyrics but not make it “screamo” and they nail it with this song by making the emotion behind it that bit more hard-hitting. To end the title, they come in with a dense last third with all members going hard on their instruments and a choir to see them out.

Awolnation is known for hits “Sail”, “Run” and “Wonder Woman” have shown they still have it and show no sign of letting up after nearly ten years as a band and going through a plethora of members.

Despite the only remaining founding being lead singer Aaron Bruno, the Los Angeles rock band haven’t deteriorated and somehow still have that indie yet polished sound to them. It’s likely they have more singles to come to tease this already eagerly awaited album, and to be honest I can’t wait for each and every one of them.