Today, the American indie-rock band Awolnation release their new album called Here Come The Runts.

The album comes with 14 tracks that are named as follow:

1: Here Come The Runts
2: Passion
3: Sound Witness System
4: Miracle Man
5: Handyman
6: Jealous Buffoon
7: Seven Sticks Of Dynamite
8: A Little Luck … And A Couple Of Dogs
9: Table For One
10: My Molasses
11: Cannonball
12: Tall, Tall Tale
13: The Buffoon
14: Stop That Train

Album Insights


A very surprising song. Based on the title you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a love song when in reality, it’s a fast paced song with a very rhythmic refrain. The song is about the passion of having a hobby and that no matter the odds, you should love and pursue that dream. Maybe you can “blow somebody’s mind”.


This one is a little bit calmer than Passion. It’s an uplifting song about relationships in a persons youth and growing up. It features a very catchy refrain, that will stick with you for a while.

Miracle Man

A very fast song with a hook that will certainly stick with you. The chorus is simple and effective and it’s easy to picture this being blared out at a party. If you like fast paced, catchy songs, you will love this one.

Seven Sticks Of Dynamite

The slowest of the songs I listen too. Aaron Bruno’s vocals are notably different to other songs from the album. The style changes halfway through and the speed increases making it an unpredictable track with an excellent and captivating music video.

Tour Dates

But that is not the only news that are coming from the band as they’ve announced a world tour starting on the 11th of February. Check out their European tour dates below:





06/4 Paris France @ Les Etoiles

07/4 Frankfurt Germany @ Gibson

09/4 Zurich Switzerland @ Dynamo

10/4 Lausanne Switzerland @ Les Docks

11/4 Milan Italy @ Santeria Social Club

12/4 Munich Germany @ Backstage Werk

14/4 Vienna Austria @ WUK

15/4 Prague Czech Republic @ Roxy

16/4 Warsaw Poland @ Proxima

18/4 Berlin Germany @ Kesselhaus

19/4 Hamburg Germany @ Uebel & Gefahrlich

20/4 Amsterdam Netherlands @ Melkweg

21/4 London UK @ Scala 

25/4 Dublin Ireland @ Academy