Following the release of ‘Lullaby’, James Walker presents the fourth melodic instalment stringing from his forthcoming debut album ‘English Bones’, Landslide.

The third track on the album is smoothly transcendent and elegantly refined, the 24-year-old has certainly created something of its time. Taking inspiration from artists including Bon Iver and Damien Rice, Walker sits comfortably between genres with the euphonious sounds of Landslide.

Walker sings with mature naivety; his lyrics allude history only imaginable from someone with years of life experiences. His work includes personal experiences of broken hearts and issues with identity, amongst other themes that many artists would shy from, and yet so many resonate with. The tracks Weathered and Next To Me have also been released as singles from his debut album, and each share their own grace and intricacies.

‘English Bones’ is a collection of songs that Walker made over a period over 18 months. The record takes inspiration from artists including The Weepies and Conor Oberst, while drawing on influences by emo and post-rock bands such as Tigers Jaw, Pavement and Foxing.

James Walker – English Bones, album artwork

The ‘introspective indie-folk’ artist will tour Europe and the US well into Spring 2018, despite having toured relentlessly over the past year with Adam Barnes, Matt Phillips and Judy Blank.

English Bones is out on October 27 and is available to pre-order now.

Listen to Landslide below!