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What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase ‘New Year, New Student’?

Do you automatically make assumptions of how to survive the next semester with the skin of your teeth, just like you have did so last year?

Or do you embrace what the New Year’s having in store for you and deal with it?


As the New Year slowly approaches this means the new semester is just around the corner. Everyone should start thinking about how they can improve their attitude towards their studies and future career. It is totally understandable the workload and the unfinished deadlines can be overwhelming and tiring but it can become easier as long as you keep your focus. Being at university teaches us not only how to do the research, but also how to apply it to our studies.

Here are some New Years resolutions on how to do well:

1.) Get Organised : For those who are travelling back home by train, why not use this time to . start reading or revising straight away?

2.) Check your briefs: If you have any deadlines that require a lot of work during the Christmas break, you would be better of to check them straight away rather than leaving it to the last minute. If your deadline submissions are present in the first week of January 2016, you should really take some time off partying and roll up your writing sleeves and get going. This way you will avoid the panic attack after New Years Day, when the hangover will make you overthink everything.

3.) Schedule your revision: If you think that the material you need to cover over the Xmas break is far too much to handle, why don’t you break it apart and make a daily or weekly to do list for everything that needs to be covered? This way the fragmented work load will seem a lot easier to handle and there will be less chance of your brain hitting so called stage of overload.


4.) Get on with your reading list: It is obvious enough that within the New Year, comes the new semester and another reading list that seems to be an equivalent to ten miles race against time. Why don’t you start reading during your Christmas break to avoid running out of time and the unnecessarily stress that comes with it?

5.) Create a goal, and aim for it: Right from day one, we all knew that it was not going to be easy and university work will take up half if not three quarters of our social and academic life. Although we need to bare in mind that while a university student, we have set ourselves a goal for the future. If you find yourself in a loss of motivation, start off by setting yourself a smaller yet more achievable goal such as; read at least two or three chapters a day , or when it comes to a major project such as dissertation… Award yourself with a treat like a glass of mulled wine or a mince pie for every two thousand worlds you write.

This is an initiative on how to become a better student which in future will benefit your career. I hope you find these tips useful and make them into New Years Resolutions in order to approach the new semester with a stress free attitude.