Body Builder

2015 has been a heck of a long year; 365 days packed with twenty four long hours each but here’s the good news: 2016 has 366 days. You go, February 29th. So whether you’ve spent the last year passed out in the bathrooms of clubs or striving for some personal ambitious goal (those two things are not that different) January 1st is going to be when you hear the classic and tiresome phrase ‘New Year, New me.’

However this doesn’t mean that 2016 isn’t a time to make a few changes; whether that’s as simple as remembering that the oven in your house does actually work and you don’t need to order a take-away or as aspirational as shedding those measly extra rolls of belly blub you’ve been harbouring since birth.


So without further ado as we power into what promises to be an exciting year of more political issues (Donald Trump, sort your hair out), mind-numbing reality television and constant workload stress, here’s some ways to be the glamorous and flawless ‘New You’ in 2K16:


To quote Justin Bieber’s Number one hit, you really should simply ‘Love Yourself’ for you. However if you do have the ambition to get fit or lose a few pounds this year then the world around you is a wonderful place to do it. There are plenty of ways to strive for some new body #goals and with the right mind-set and means of doing so you can be on your way to a changed lifestyle in no time whether it’s because you want to look absolutely flawless for that holiday you’re longing for in the summer or simply because those jeans you used to fit into were just so nice.

Exercise isn’t just for gyms because sometimes the idea of testosterone filled protein shakin’ madmen in vest tops isn’t everyone’s things. Sometimes. However the local area does have plenty of gyms to offer with great deals and discounts for students. The Gym, located on the High Street, offers twenty-four hour opening times, no fixed contract (not that anyone ever gives up on the gym because those gains are sick) and a large amount of equipment to choose from to suit you. There are additional bonuses for those students out there holding an NUS card and if that didn’t have you sold…free Wi-Fi. Need I say more? Also make sure to check out Pure Gym too as they also offer 24/7 opening hours, extensive amounts of classes, no fixed contract memberships and a whole load of machines to use.

There are other options outside of gyms however and this can be as easy as strapping up a pair of beaten up trainers and stepping foot outside your door for a leisurely power walk or a crisp morning jog. Sure, it just sounded delightful then and sure, it could be tough at first but progress doesn’t develop from nothing because this is ‘New Year, New You’ right? Just don’t say that in public. Or in your head. Here’s a handy little site in order to help you get those routes figured out so you explore the oh so wonderful nature beyond the dark cave of a bedroom. Or perhaps you’re not quite ready to jog yet because the outside world is a scary place but your living room or bedroom isn’t (well it shouldn’t be). Just typing in ‘Fitness Videos’ into Youtube brings up a whole world of overly attractive health buffs ready to guide you in to that promised eden of toned tummies and perfect butts. And hey, doing a little routine full of a few press-ups and a couple of crunches won’t mess you up either. Also try looking around for any new sports team that need more recruits. You won’t regret it. 


Eating well is hard. The glamorous lights of a take-away may as well be the shimmering glow of the Las Vegas Strip when the life-ruining effort of having to wait for something to cook in an oven seems too much. Dieting and losing weight is not just about exercising though and is actually for the most part about what is put into our bodies. Not that you have to want to lose weight to eat well. Eating well is a way to make our bodies feel better about themselves because that sickening feeling of greasy pizza lining your stomach isn’t everyone’s favourite thing. Salad isn’t gross. Vegetables are not to be feared and you can buy a lot more of them for your money than you can burgers (no that little bit of limp lettuce in your burger does not count as all of your five a day). Supermarkets such as Asda, Aldi and Lidl are great for picking up cheap fruit and veg as well as meats such as chicken and beef, which frankly go great with anything. You can even make your own pizza! Imagine that!

Despite all this healthy eating malarkey, we all need to splurge now and then. Maybe it’s because your parents have popped down and want to spend all their hard earned money on making sure you eat or perhaps you’ve actually decided to take that fine piece of person you spotted across the dance floor in a club on a date but whatever the reason, there are plenty of places to dine in 2016. Gourmet Burger Kitchen is due to open at some point in the new year next to the flashy new Nandos, Barcelona Tapas, Neighbourhood and Stables by the Guildhall. December also saw the opening of Global Buffet in the Marlands with food as far as the eye can see and regrets promised as a sweet dessert when you’ve stuffed your face. Not been able to try any of these yet? Well I hear the sweet whisper of a January student loan in your future.


Between deadlines and workloads (yes these are still inevitable in the New Year) some time has to be made for winding down and doing things for yourself. Of course Netflix is a great answer and 2016 will without a doubt bring a whole stream of shows and films with it to tide through any ‘Netflix and chilling’ or hangover day blues. I can practically hear the Orange is the New Black fans screaming.

Remember that this year you’ll have a whole extra day to fill with exciting things so if you’re not too busy tearing up the gym or becoming a culinary God then perhaps try hitting up Oxygen Freejumping which newly opened in Southampton. You can book for an hour session and go crazy in a trampoline park of one hundred and fifty connected trampolines with additional obstacle courses, foam pits, dodgeball games and basketball hoops for that sweet slam dunk with serious air. One of the people who reviewed it even put ‘OMG’. Now you know it’ll be awesome.


The whole idea of wandering in to a New Year and trying to become a ‘New Person’ is a little stupid but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use the roll over into 2016 as a way to try and change some things. In a way it’s almost a little push of inspiration. New Years resolutions can be as small or as big as one likes. Just don’t be too stupid with your resolutions like saying that you’ll ‘never drink again’ because everyone knows how that ends.