The Basic Omelette

Omelettes are one the cheapest and quickest ways of creating a meal. They are healthy and tasty. Depending on what you put into them, they can be your main meal of the day. For the most basic of omelettes, just crack three eggs into a bowl. Then add grated cheese. Pour the mix into a medium to hot pan with melted butter in it. Cook until the omelette is starting to turn into a solid rather than runny egg. Instead of attempting to flip the omelette, I recommend placing the whole pan under a hot grill. By doing this you have far more control over the cooking process. Furthermore you are less likely to make a mess!

Want something more complicated?

If you have your eye on something with just a little bit more substance, then you are in luck. The method for creating the perfect omelette full of flavour and ingredients is easy. Just take any ingredients which don’t need to be cooked and throw them into the mix . Any which do need cooking, don’t worry about them going straight into the egg mix whilst still hot. That’s fine, just prepare them as you would normally and mix them straight in. Once you have all the ingredients you are wanting in your omelette, give it a good mix until everything is covered with egg. Then straight into a preheated pan and follow the same method as before.


My personal favourite is:

  • Cheese
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Red pepper
  • Fried courgettes
  • Mushrooms.