7 years since the release of Fallout 3, Bethesda has graced us with the highly anticipated Fallout 4… and it’s bloody brilliant.

Picture by BagoGames.
Picture by BagoGames.


Alright vault dwellers, where to start, Fallout 4 (F4) is set in the post apocalypse Massachusetts, or Commonwealth as they call in the game, and follows the story of you, a vault dweller, from vault 114, to keep us in spoiler free territory, all i will say is that you are on a quest to find your family members, along the way you’ll meet super mutants, ghouls, and survivors all while exploring the beautiful and dangerous world Bethesda has created.




Fallout 4 has come on leaps and bounds in the graphics department, even from the recent Skyrim game, Fallout 4 has blown my expectations out of the water, although not perfect, and at times i notice dips in frame rates, and slight texture popping here and there, I am hugely impressed at how Bethesda has managed to make this game beautiful, gone are the days of dull shades of yellow and brown, it’s the rise of the pastels now!


As my trusty companion, Dogmeat and I were shooting my way through this new wasteland looking for adhesive glue for my new upgrade, I was extremely grateful for the new and improved FPS mode, rather than just zooming in slightly the new FPS view makes it s feel like top tier action game and the sights seem less floaty than ever before, lets just say the head were rolling.

While exploring the Commonwealth I also met a plethora of rather interesting individuals, ghouls, newspaper editors, and deathclaws just to name a few, but what I noticed the most is how intelligent they are, they seem to be sentient, rather than waiting for you to get out of cover they will not actively try to kill you by using the accurately named nuka grenades or trying to flank you and your companion, making my time in the Commonwealth a bigger challenge than ever.

My loyal companions also made themselves very present in my story, by telling me often, how they either approved or disapproved of my antics, usually resulting in me feeling bad for nicking stuff to build new settlements and gun mods.

My vault dweller is a bit of a handy-man, he likes to build houses, grow food, and build over the top killing machines, effective at dispatching even the biggest of Deathclaws, all of which comes at a price, picking up everything from adhesive glue, to lamps, or weird glowing shrooms, my character is a self confessed hoarder, but it’s all for the greater good, so it’s fine.

Building settlements for my loyal followers and companions is a delight, and is reminiscent of the days i spent building maps in HALO FORGE, although a bit finicky at times, the overall building experiences was a new, and time consuming element that will keep me busy for years to come.



There are things that i’ve missed on here, i’m sure of it, the game is so huge there was no easy way to cover it all in one single review. But what I can say is that this game is a serious contender for game of the year, intuitive gameplay, encapsulating story, and a beautiful wasteland to explore, Fallout 4 could be the best game i’ve ever played. Buy it.