On Saturday the 3rd September, X Factor took a turn for the strange with duo audition Bradley and Ottavio. The 10 minute segment marked a peak in the quality british television (cough) with the two weeping over raw chicken – literally, reuniting and then performing together to get 3 yeses (and people wonder why I don’t own a TV).

Both performers were actually students of Southampton Solent University – Bradley studying Fashion Photography and Ottavio taking a BA (Hons) in Fashion PR.

Their Saturday night segment began with Ottavio singing to the judges solo before admitting he didn’t feel right going it alone, eventually spilling the beans on the chicken fiasco with should-be partner Bradley. The two then finally come together, cry a little bit more, talk about undercooked chicken a little bit more and then perform an a cappella version of Scherzinger’s Buttons with enough sass to sink the Titanic.

The two have actually been on television numerous times before, with Bradley in particular getting a fare share of air time on shows which included, Vicky Pattison’s dating show Strip Date as well as Channel 4’s How to Pull back in May 2015, whilst Ottavio had appeared on X Factor before with none other than Rylan Clarke back in 2012. Ottavio and Bradley also appeared on another of Channel 4’s shows Coach Trip.

Ottavio and Bradley on Coach Trip

There are speculations online of the outright fake-ness of Saturday night’s segment, with people claiming it to be a contrived publicity stunt both for the duo and for X Factor itself – allegations completely understandable given the ludicrous subject matter of the whole thing.

Regardless, the masses seemed to enjoy the 10 minute poultry palaver and whether contrived or not, we wish all the best for the two in the future.

Bonus clip: Back in 2012 when Ottavio performed with Rylan and Gathan.