All students want the cheapest deals they can when they go out for a bite to eat.

Saving money for alcohol and food shopping is of much more importance, so where’s the best place to go in Southampton if you can’t be bothered to switch the oven on for the tenth time this week and are fed up with the taste of pasta?

Avondale House, situated in Bedford Place, is just metres from all the nightclubs in the centre of Southampton and offers a great experience for all.

All day, every day they offer two meals for £8 for selected dishes such as gammon steak, scampi, southern fried chicken, chips and sausage and mash.

And if you don’t fancy any of the above there is a wide range of other meals on offer for very reasonable prices.

While the portions may not be big, you’re likely to not have to wait long and when it does arrive it’ll be worth it. The food is always baking hot and looking fresh, meaning your meal is often devoured in no time.

And if you’re both still hungry, you could even order two meals for yourself for less than one meal at a lot of other venues.

And it doesn’t end there. You can buy two desserts for £4.75 at any time too, including Avondale’s famous chocolate fudge cake that will leave you stuffed to your limit after having a meal and a drink for less than £7. Great isn’t it?

They also have a Yellow ‘Scream’ Card, where you can accumulate points that can then be converted into more food or drink.

If you’re a sports fan, it is also a fantastic place to spend your Sunday afternoons or evenings. Avondale have a number of big screens showcasing live football and rugby, so what could be better than getting a meal, desert and drink for just a tenner?