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Check out their Facebook page

Sometimes, it’s all about the little things in life – those small pleasures that make a rainy day a bit more manageable. As I stood outside Boots pharmacy, it felt as if the rain was solely spitting down on me, my day had been far from successful and my stomach was demanding to be fed.

Southampton’s food stalls have been growing in popularity. A once a desolate town centre is now home to an array of cuisines. The smell of Crescent City spoke to my senses, the deep-fried shrimp and buttermilk chicken was commanding me to notice the new addition to Southampton’s street food stalls.

Crescent City has created a unique take on the classic Creole. Their New Orleans inspired menu, successfully delivers a flawless selection of fresh sandwiches stuffed with slow-smoked meats and spicy fish. The po’boy’s meal deal makes you question why you ever ate at subway. The meal deal consists of: fries (sweet potato or seasoned), a soul-satisfying sandwich and the most refreshing lemonade to ever be tasted by man, and all for less than £8.

Happy Customer at the launch
Happy Customer at the launch

As I bit into my Gimme T’High Five, I couldn’t help but smile. The fusion of deep-fried chicken and homemade maple mayonnaise was like marriage, so perfect only God could have created it. As I gorged on my meal, I couldn’t help but notice the charismatic chefs, as they smiled and enticed others into their small sample of heavenly delights.

Jason Bellord had always dreamed of opening a street food stall. Although his catering career started with very humble beginnings (washing dishes at a fish restaurant in Portsmouth), it moved to, after years of studying, catering for the rich and famous. He had traded this all in to peruse his passion, cooking a menu he had created in an energetic environment alongside his friend and CEO Ashley Gordon-Jones.


Ashley’s gift of the gab adds to the appeal of the food stall, his ability to draw in the crowd gives the stall a clear advantage, with each customer receiving a friendly and individual experience.

I predict a very lucrative and successful career for the Po’boys pair.

*Crescent City will be in Southampton town centre on Saturday’s.

“The gumbo is a little bit spicy, but it’s still fantastic! This is the best lemonade in the world.” – Connor, age 5, Southampton

“Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh… This is so good.” – Courtney Cansdale, 23, Southampton

Photography by the author.