It is no secret that Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm since it’s release on July 6th. The game was first realised as an April Fools prank when google teamed up with The Pokemon Company to create a video tricking people into believing they could actually catch Pokemon with their phones in real time (see below). However, after manifesting the game in real life, it has netted over 50 million downloads and counting and is now a more popular internet search than porn (quite the feat) – who’s laughing now, Google?!

Despite causing contentedness worldwide, the game has equally been the cause of some calamity. Injured gamers, such as the young teenager who was struck by a car whilst following a Pokemon across a road, as well as a 22 year old woman who died after a hit and run whilst preoccupied with the game are just a few of the accidents resulting from the game.

Regardless, the mishaps are few and far between and people continue to enjoy an original game which promotes people to go outside and socialise with other hunters – the city of Southampton being no exception. The group Cyberjam Gaming is a Southampton based gaming community with over 1700 members on Facebook that hosts regular Pokemon GO events. The active group’s most recent get together was Last Sunday on the 31st July and saw over 50 Pokemon players enjoying the sunshine together, hunting in the parks and around the city.

pokemon job

“Just a small section on the Southampton Pogo players” – a photo from the groups most recent event on Sunday the 31st July.

In addition, the founder of Cyberjam Gaming – the group responsible for the meet-ups – is non other than Sam Clark, a man who has become something of a celebrity in the community after being the first person in the UK to come forward after having captured all 143 Pokemon available in the country.

The Cyberjam group continues to grow and hold regular meet-ups, the next one being held this weekend on Sunday the 7th of August at Orange Rooms in Southampton city centre. The event already has 44 attendees confirmed and another 128 showing an interest.

pokemon orange rooms

Here are just a few of many reviews of the groups prior meet-ups:

“Great group and awesome meet ups!! Defiantly would come to a meet up again as recommend them too anyone who loves Pokemon go and gaming in general!! Everyone is so nice and make you feel so welcome! It’s just such a great community!!”

“Definite 11/10 most fun I’ve had in a while. Pokemon go madness!”

“Fantastic people and a great event yesterday! Will be definitely be attending more!”

The Cyberjam Gaming group can be found here, a long with further details of the events and meet-ups which are free and open to the GO community. Happy hunting!