It is the purpose of this article to inform you the importance of understanding your skin’s changes during the winter period, whether it is extremely dry or blemished and would like to find out why and how to tackle it.

Throughout the winter months our skin can change due to the harsh weather. This change of climate can affect our skin in many different ways; one of them can be due to the temperature. The temperature can contribute to changes in our skin because of the cold winds from outside and the warm temperature from indoors (this can shock our skin because of the sudden changes of temperature our skin feels).

Our normal skincare routine may work brilliantly during our seasonal months, but unfortunately during the winter months we need to pay more specific attention to what our skin is trying to tell us.

Some people during the winter may suffer from very dry, itchy, dehydrated or acne skin. Suffering from acne during this season may seem bizarre but unfortunately some people do.


So how exactly does winter affect our skin?

The cold weather accompanied with dry air can make our skin loose it’s moisture; this is one of the reasons why some of us experience dry, itchy, or blemished skin. People are susceptible to winter breakout due to the change of temperature and the harsh weather. Although winter can make our skin dehydrated, it is advisable to still use acne treatments and applying light moisture to your skin. It is important to hydrate and balance your skin in order to keep it healthy, clear and glowing.

Here are a few products to help adjust your skin for the winter months without spending a lot of money.

Winter Breakouts

Breakouts can be a pain, especially when they appear out of nowhere! Whether you are in a lecture, on a bus or out with friends, carrying a blemish stick with tea tree oil can help reduce redness. The award winning Beauty Bible Awards Beauty Steals’, Tisserand Anti-Blemish Stick (£5.50) is enriched with tea-tree, kanuka and allantoin extract. These ingredients combined helps to deeply cleanse the skin and banish blemishes.

Tisserand Anti-Blemish Stick (£5.50)
Tisserand Anti-Blemish Stick (£5.50)

Some people with blemished skin tend to not moisture their skin because they are worried they may develop more breakouts. Using a light moisture like Superdrug Tea Tree moisturiser (£3.29) can help give the hydration your skin needs during the winter season but can also help to combat spots appearing due to the anti-bacterial oil, tea tree.

Removing your makeup or any traces of impurities is the number one rule for clear skin. However, sometimes we can get lazy and not cleanse our skin. To prevent this, always leave cleansing wipes in your bedroom nearby so you can get the full benefits of cleansing and removing makeup comfortably in your own room without having to move! Superdrug Tea Tree cleanser wipes with peppermint and tea oil (£2.99) is great for people with spot prone skin.


Applying mud mask to your skincare routine once a week can help lift away deep impurities and also hydrate the skin. This is only if the product you are using consists of hydrating ingredients. Aloe Vera mud mask (£2.59) is packed full with ingredients to help hydrate and also draw out impurities. Not only does it do well for your skin, but also helps you to de-stress too.

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Dry skin

 Dry skin can be itchy and sore. To replenish the moisture back in to your skin you need to add a moisturiser that is thick and packed with hydrating properties. Superdrug Vitamin E SPF 15 Moisturising day cream (£2.99) is enriched with naturally sourced Vitamin E, an antioxidant to protect your skin from environmental damage and premature skin aging. The non-greasy formulation is also packed with conditioning multivitamin complex, such as A, B, F and H. The cream will also give your skin hydration for up to 12 hours. Not only does it hydrates your skin but also protects it with SPF 15.

Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser (£4.99) with muslin cloth is great for removing make-up and impurities. With the added vitamin E it will replenish moisture back onto your skin. When using this, apply the cleanser to your skin and with a warm damp muslin cloth wipe in circular motions, this will help to exfoliate your skin as well.

 Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid Sensitive (£4.99) contains a unique blend of Olay moisture and amino acid rich moisturising factor that together helps to lock in moisture and maintain the levels of hydration in your skin. The Beauty Fluid will visibly make your skin softer and feel smooth.

Our body can to get dry and itchy during the winter season.  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E (£3.99) is the UK’s number one Cocoa Butter body lotion. This formulation is pure Cocoa Butter enriched with Vitamin E to help relieve dry skin and deeply nourishes.


Chapped lips? There’s nothing worse than having sore dry chapped lips! Apply Carmex Cherry Flavoured lip Balm (£2.49) to ease sore lips.

For a cheaper alternative, try Superdrug’s ‘Little tins’ (£0.88). They have four different lip balms, green (aloe vera), blue (original) and pink (SPF15)


Our hair can also get dry and damaged during the winter period too. Argan Oil has been a beauty secret for many years to replenish moisture to your hair and skin. Try the Argan Oil Hair Treatment (£9.99) to help nourish your hair. This oil is enriched with vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant to help protect it from environmental damage. This oil will help to smooth out frizz, gives protection, shine, and nourishing for dry damaged hair. Use this in conjunction with Argan Oil Hydrating Shampoo (£3.99). 




Tip Box!

We can all get lazy and have lack of concentration during the winter months and rather hibernate in our comfy beds! Tisserand Energy Aromatherapy Roller Ball (£5.50) combined with uplifting and energising essential oils such as Grapefruit oil, Bergamot oil and Lime oil can help boost your energy. Just simply apply to the pulse points such as the temples, neck and wrists. Also try their Focus Aromatherapy Roller Ball (£5.50) to help clear your mind and focus when studying.

Tisserand Focus Aromatherapy Roller Ball Tisserand Energy Aromatherapy Roller Ball