DJ Format and MC Abdominal are still going

Still Hungry is a quality record produced by two middle-aged hip-hop fanatics stuck trying to rebuild the foundations of old school hip-hop.

Released on the 28th April, Still Hungry has been in circulation for five months. Clocking up over 150K plays so far.

Now, the boys are back for more, announcing the second leg of their Still Hungry tour, Still Hungry PT.II.

Dedicated to old school, credit goes to Mark James from Soul 45 who has his copy!

Unfortunately for On The Scene, they will not be returning to the drab-alleys of Southampton’s Bedford Place. Brighton resident and spinner, DJ Format will not be forgotten, as he invited friends and family to join in on a sold-out show at The Social back in May.

“It’s about time we served them some props — they’re positively starving” 


DJ Format and Abdominal perform as if the Bronx were still on fire, with modern depictions like the Netflix Original, The Get Down, bringing this album’s niche back into the foreground.

Rapping like an authentic 1970s MC, Abdominal is dedicated to spitting unfathomably long phrases from a single breath. Still Hungry criticises the benefits of the daily-grind in a conversational manner,

“well rhymes and beats is the life I lead which I know might seem all nice and sweet but take the time to peek at what’s behind the scenes you might agree there’s more to it than what the eye can see.”

With ‘Behind the Scenes’ released prior to the full album, Still Hungry is an 11-track record of instrumental genius.

DJ Format is on top form, mastering the break-down with twin turn-tables reminiscent of the techniques passed down by hip-hop father, DJ Kool Herc.

Keep your ears open for ‘Diamond Hammer’, an authentic, scratch-filled track, sure to get your heart racing and the B-boy’s moving. The nostalgia police will be happy with this one.

This could be your last chance to see this dynamic duo live in-action, you can catch them on these dates;

To grab yourself some tickets, follow this link, you’re welcome.