PREVIEW: ‘Ivy To Roses’ mixtape by Mabel

PREVIEW: ‘Ivy To Roses’ mixtape by Mabel

Mabel releases new mixtape 'Ivy To Roses'.


Just when we thought we had been blessed with a new single, the most anticipated artist, Mabel has also been so gracious to indulge us with a brand new mixtape, ‘Ivy To Roses’. She kicks things off by introducing her new track ‘Begging’. 

The mixtape is a definite treasure, compiled with nine gripping new tracks, which features the irresistible slow-burner, ‘Finders Keepers’.

Coming from a music dynasty, Mabel has only been on the scene now for a short time, but her ascent to music stardom is unprecedented due to her accomplishments this early in her career. Her tracks have been playlisted across major stations such as Radio 1, Capital, 1Xtra, and she has even managed to collaborate with Stormzy.

Mabel will be headlining her own show at Kentish Town Forum in April next year.

‘Ivy To Roses’ is poignant; this perfectly crafted album pays tribute to Mabel’s journey as a performer, and the title is derived from actual ivy she found growing in her bedroom. The title is a testimony to her determination as an artist – it is symbolic of that ivy continuing to flourish – no matter how many times she’s cut back.

‘Finders Keepers’ is just an alluring taste of what Mabel has to offer; this album showcases such soulful snapshots of her journey so far. The powerful ‘Come Over’ and beautifully piano-led ‘Ivy’ are just a few snippets of these stunning moments from her life.

Not only do we get real insight to Mabel on a personal level, we witness first hand how talented she is. With an addictive cover of Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’, and her songs ‘Weapon’ and ‘Low Key’ that embody female empowerment, it’s obvious she’s going places!

Mabel says ‘Ivy To Roses’ is “another piece of the puzzle.”

“It’s collection of songs that I love and want the world to hear right now. This is only the beginning of my journey but I want people to feel part of the evolution of my music, which is why I’m putting another project out now.”

Just like this mixtape, Mabel has proven herself as a blossoming, genuine pop star that’s still got plenty of growing to do before she eventually fully blooms.

So make sure you listen to ‘Ivy To Roses’ and if you’re still wanting more, Mabel will be touring with Years & Years later this year and has signed on for a campaign with Adidas.

The sky is the limit for this shining star and we can’t wait for the transformation!