“We’re doing a music video and this song’s about men who catcall women in the street” guitarist Hannah Villanueva tells a boy at a skate park.

She’s kicking off Pussyliquors undeniably grungy video for their new single Kitty Kitty. PussyLiquor are a band built on love for hardcore music and even harder core feminist beliefs and it shows in everything they do. They have already stated that part of their reason for even being in a band is to come together and encourage women to come together and share experiences. Pussy Liquor’s brand of feminism is as fantastically lewd as their band name, and louder than their rowdy hardcore songs.

The videos aesthetics harken to the 80’s, with noisy footage and high saturation cutaways to close ups of faces and live footage of the band. Singer Ari Black writhes and dances centre stage in most of the live footage, with a heavy dosage of the rest of the band dancing, hanging out and revelling in female friendship for the rest. The video isn’t a HD pop masterpiece or a gripping short film esque experience but what it is is perfect. Perfect for the song in all the ways you need a music video to be; visually interesting, atmospheric and a visual experience for which the song is a fitting soundtrack.

Kitty Kitty is the newest song to be released on PussyLiquors new double A-side EP PUSSYLIQUORS 7-INCH WONDER, available on their own Revulva Records. Kitty Kitty starts out almost draggingly slow, menacing as Ari sings over the slow music. This all changes after the first chorus, when the song jumps to speed- and brings the catchy ‘meow’ chorus to a new level- you’ll be singing it in your head for days.

PussyLiquor play the New Cross Inn in London on April 4th, and you can purchase their EP PUSSYLIQUORS 7-INCH WONDER here and here.