Where are the best Southampton pubs?

The user called andthecircus just did an something absolutely amazing for all of us- created a map of the best beer places in Southampton! This project was inspired by the similar map that had been created for londoners.

All the pubs and bars that are mentioned are located in the city of Southampton and serving the best drinks.


Here are some well-known names that have appeared on the map: The Lion, The Hobbit, The Rockstone, The Alexandra Beer Emporium, Firehouse, The Juniper Berry, The Duke of Wellington, The Dancing Man Brewery, The Red Lion, The White Star Tavern and many others.


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Now that this map is around, you know what to do- explore the Southampton’s best pubs and visit the ones you already know and love! Putting on display the best of the most unexpected to the most popular drinking places, this map will definitely become your go-to when it comes to choice of a good place to treat yourself to some nice beer with friends in a good atmosphere.

Below is the map of the best Southampton pubs