In the midst of his jam-packed ‘We Are The Brave‘ tour, Techno DJ and producer Alan Fitzpatrick managed to find the time to play an exhilarating three hour set at the UK’s best small club Junk in his hometown of Southampton. After their last two successful ‘We Surrender’ showcase nights featuring Jackmaster and Skream, expectations were high and in the words of Junk’s promotion manager Sam Sharp, “Alan certainly didn’t let us down, delivering a masterclass in Techno.”

Fitzpatrick took over the decks seamlessly at about 1am, intensifying the bass and driving that steady four to the floor beat home until it was reverberating in your soul. The club was a sea of writhing bodies and waving arms, the passion in the atmosphere was palpable and there were only a rare couple of phones attempting to savour this fantastical night – myself included. I took some photos, made a few more notes and left it there. The club was electric and I was killing the vibe.

Alan is working hard at the decks, reading his crowd and anticipating their every need as he drops in another track, another layer to this rich sound and whoosh, the arms are back in the air again. Yes, I did just say rich. Techno is often confused for an industrial genre that “doesn’t really go anywhere”. Whilst some aspects of this may be true: techno has a very basic beat with minimal ornamentation. Alan Fitzpatrick redefines it in his own style, especially in the way he builds you up for about five to ten minutes or so, step by step, beat by beat, before he completely floors you with the drop. His expertise coupled with Junk’s stellar sound system meant you could feel the bass in your bones, in your heart – it was pumping the blood round your body. It was sublime.

It was now about halfway through his set and there’s condensation on the mirrors. It was so sweaty in there but in a lush, primal kind of way.

Everybody was moving as one and we are now in the sub-bass realm, there’s the odd break here and there as he adds in the snare preparing the crowd another drop, and bam! The sense of release is overwhelming. Talking to the Promotion Manager, Sam Sharp, he said “One of the most memorable moments of the night was when he finally dropped his [new] track from his We Are The Brave label ‘We Do What We Want’. It seemed like everyone literally ran onto the dancefloor at once.”

This was at 03:18 AM, he dropped the track and the club went wild. Everybody was dancing, not with each other but purely to the music, to the unrelenting rhythm. At about 03:25 some sweeping synths were introduced and momentarily grasped your cares and carried them far, far away.

Junk’s new Saturday’s “WE SURRENDER” have really taken off since their launch in January and are a guarantee for a good night out if you like dance music. Alan Fitzpatrick himself concurs, stating that “Junk is without doubt, one of the best small clubs in the UK.”

“There’s a real buzz building around our Saturday nights already. We’ve got some fantastic bookingS coming up which we’re really excited about. A couple of examples being Radio1’s Monki on April 1st and Detroit Swindles all night set on April 22nd.” Sam Sharp

Be sure to check out the Facebook pages Alan Fitzpatrick and We Are The Brave and also the group We Surrender @ Junk to stay up to date with their up-coming events, and for all you fellow Techno-heads out there, or those curious to give this wonderful genre a whirl, head over to the group page Tech House & Techno Events in Southampton for the latest in Southampton Techno.