Boston Manor

Last Thursday, up & coming Blackpool pop-punk band, Boston Manor played a show in Bournemouth. The show at Bournemouth’s, The Anvil, had the band play to a sold-out, 100 person crowd. Boston Manor brought along with them melancholic, acoustic artist The Lion and the Wolf and Welsh, alternative rock band, Casey.

Boston ManorFirst to the stage was The Lion and the Wolf (Tom George), a one-piece acoustic musician. The Lion and the Wolf was different to the two other bands but he fitted in so well. A lot of people headed down to see him early and gave a great crowd reaction. What’s unique about Tom is that all of his music sounds almost melancholic, yet it’s mostly about positive subjects, which is very endearing. Seeing The Lion and the Wolf perform live is seeing a collection of personal stories told through song. Tom is great at controlling a crowd and was able to get people laughing at his stories, yet silent the second he started to play. His music made for a very gentle, relaxing start to the evening.

Casey are all about playing live music, which you can tell from their performance. By the time they had started to play, the venue was almost packed out.Casey played their own headline show at the same venue last year so it seems they already have somewhat of a fanbase in Bournemouth, which was clear. At The Anvil, there is no raised stage so bands can take full advantage of getting in with the crowd, which Casey did. Mid-way through the set, Tom (Weaver, Lead Vocalist) walked into the middle of the crowd. He took over the crowd with his raw vocals and it added a great atmosphere to the show, to see a band get so involved with the crowd. With their raw vocals and melodic riffs, Casey definitely got the crowd ready for Boston Manor.

By the time Boston Manor came on, it was clear who the crowd was there to see. The floor was filled with people standing on the stairs to get a good view. Pop-punk is a tricky genre, which has been adopted mostly by American bands. What Boston Manor did is show how British bands can be pop-punk, if not as well as American bands, then better. The band had people moving all night and the small venue didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. Having only one full-length album, ‘Be Nothing’ (2016), didn’t stop Boston Manor from playing a variety of songs. They played a good mix of songs from their album, but also from their previous two EP’s, which worked in their favour. Boston Manor band are only at the start of their career but their performance showed that they’re definitely on to bigger things.

One thing that was unique about the night was that all 3 artists were of different music genres, and it really worked. The Lion and the Wolf gave a soothing, gentle yet funny start to the show. Casey went straight in with their hardcore riffs and got in with the crowd (quite literally). Boston Manor brought their signature sound and did what they do best; put on a great pop-punk show.