REVIEW: Call of Duty World War Two

REVIEW: Call of Duty World War Two

Call of Duty World War Two (Source: PA Wire)

Activision’s latest release takes players back to basics.

When Call of Duty World War Two was announced, it was met with huge appraisal as it has been almost a decade since CoD had made a game based in the 20th century.

For many players, World at War was their go-to game when wanting to recreate the events of the Second World War.

However, the newest instalment, released on PS4, Xbox and Steam, will probably live long in the memory of CoD players.

Game Elements:


As part of the 1st Infantry Division on the allied forces, you are plunged straight into D Day in the games first mission.

This accurate representation of the Normandy landings is followed by the liberation of Western Europe.

Players get to play as US Troops as they land in Europe. Source: Activision

The graphics are visually stunning, perhaps the best CoD have ever produced, with the fine details on characters really defined.

Missions in the campaign are not the dull objectives that players are used to, instead you are capturing bunkers and mounting tanks.

A new health system for the campaign only means health regeneration is no longer a thing, instead health packs are introduced.

Health packs are often given out too often, making the game less challenging than it should be.

Ammo is also an issue within the campaign, with guns sparse of magazines and guns littered on the floor rarely contain more than one clip of ammunition.


The new Zombies map is very fun, however it will not please everybody as they continue to overcomplicate the game mode.

The outdoor arena features faster zombies although they are just as easy to dodge as they have been in the past.

The Nazi Zombies are scarier than ever. Source: Activision

The map has the most unlock-able amount of doors I can remember as you join the dots on the labyrinth.

Multiple ‘juiced up’ zombies appear as the levels increase, including one large boss who has to be defeated.

For the hardcore zombies players, it will be a fairly regulatory map but for the casual fans, it has failed to simplify the game enough for it to be enjoyable.


Most players go to gaming mode, online gaming is the biggest feature on any edition of Call of Duty.

Once in the games, the game is fast paced with smaller sized maps, allowing for high adrenaline action.

Daily and weekly objectives keep the game interesting, but the lack of variety will sadden some.

There is very little option when it comes to guns, with the STG being by far the best gun within the game.

Other than that, there are only six rifles and six submachine guns to choose from, as well as 4 snipers.

The maps, although all very good, come round far too often and it feels as though you are only playing on four or five maps, when it reality is around eight.

The amount of times I’ve been on Gustav Cannon, I could already draw you an accurate map from memory.

Gustav Cannon is becoming the bane of some player’s lives. Source: Dot Esports

The addition of a headquarters is fun, with players able to do mini tasks whilst the lobbies are filling up; which takes a fair while.


To summarise, CoD WWII is one of the most fun Call of Duty’s of the past decade.

It’s quick action and gameplay is perfect for players of almost every skill type, although rookie’s may be left behind.

A brilliant interpretation of war, back to it’s simplest and most defined – and no jet packs or crazy EMP’s to contend with!

If they can reduce the waiting times whilst in online lobbies, a very good Call of Duty game will have been a critical and commercial success.