THE Great British Bake Off moved to Channel 4 this year and it caused many people to say that they were going to stay loyal to Mary Berry and leave with her.

However, most of us had to try it out and see if Prue Leith could live up to Berry’s heart-warming shoes. Thankfully, the ratings for this season haven’t gone down too much and Bake Off will continue in 2018.

The finalists of The Great British Bake Off 2017; Kate, Steven and Sophie. (Credit: PA Wire)

The 8th season has brought in 12 new bakers with 12 wonderful personalities we got to know and love. As well as new bakers, there were two new presenters. Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig made a very funny duo this year. Both bringing their personal humour to the show and bonding with the bakers more and more as the show went on. Noel had some cracking moments, including breaking a mug in one of the episodes when trying to make the decretive crockery a music instrument. Sandi brought us down to earth with her almost motherly consideration for the older audience. Overall, they were a pleasing addition to the series.

The judges can never make everyone happy when they have to send someone home each week. However, this year the public took to Twitter on several occasions to complain about the choices Paul and Prue made. The first instance was when we lost Yan Tsou, a research scientist from North London, in week 7. Some people were purely disappointed that their favourite baker had left the tent.

However, other fans were unhappy that, fellow baker, Stacey Hart, a former school teacher from Radlett, Hertfordshire, had been allowed to stay instead.

Yan was not the only baker to have a large fan following backing them up on Twitter. Liam Charles, a student from North London, was the fan favourite this season and fans were devastated when he left in week 8.

The final three were Steven Carter-Bailey, a marketer from Watford, Kate Lyon, a health and safety inspector from Merseyside and Sophie Faldo, a trainee stuntwoman from West Molesey.  With six ‘Star Baker’ titles between them, the top three clearly earned their right to be there.

Steven had a great start to his Bake Off career, winning star baker twice in a row. Producing a ‘Baker’s Lunch Cake’ in week one which looked like a loaf of bread and a sandwich and biscuits in the shape of a chess set in week two.

Prue and Paul were impressed with Steven’s attention to detail through the weeks even though sometimes it came at the cost of losing some of the flavours. Unfortunately, he had a wobble in the last two weeks of the competition and didn’t quite snatch the crown but with three star baker weeks under his belt he was still one of the best bakers of the season.

Kate was an adorably, muddled contender. She seemed to get taken over by the stress but then still produce fantastic bakes. In week 4 she won star baker with her sticky toffee apple caramel cake. Although she stumbled on a few occasions Kate came out with some beautiful bakes and won the hearts of people across the UK with her lovely personality.

Sophie Faldo with Judges Paul and Prue. (Credit: PA Wire)

Sophie was the winner of the 2017 Great British Bake Off and there is no doubt that she deserved it. Winning star baker twice and almost constantly being in the top she wowed the judges with her creations. Having been in the army, she stayed calm under the, sometimes literal, heat and even helped out other bakers when they were struggling with finishing in time.


Her stand out showstopper bakes were a raspberry, yuzu and white chocolate buche trifle terrine in week five and a tutu with opera filling meringue centrepiece in week 9. The judges were constantly impressed with her designs and flavours and it was clear she knew what she was doing, despite struggling a little on bread week.

This year’s Bake Off has had so much character and charm. Despite the worry that it would never live up to the BBC standard I can happily say that I am looking forward to many seasons to come.