REVIEW: MiC Lowry Mood EP

REVIEW: MiC Lowry Mood EP

Smooth and seductive: MiC Lowry have mastered this EP to a tee

MiC Lowry' latest EP (Credit: PA Wire)

If STRONG harmonies and seductive tones are your cup of tea then look no further than this second EP released by the cheeky MiC Lowry boys.

The band, that consists of five lads ranging between the ages of 21-22, certainly haven’t been given enough recognition for the brilliant music they have been producing. Although they did open 38 of Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour dates the Liverpool group are still relatively unknown, but after this EP that should change.

Their single Oh Lord has been played over 63 million times on Spotify, but they are more than just a one hit wonder and they were keen to prove this with Mood.

The artwork for the cover certainly shows off the boy’s fun side. They are all seen drinking tea and rumour has it they enjoy the Kermit the frog meme in which he is seen having a cuppa with the caption “mood” which fits perfectly with the EP title. However, the boys certainly get down to business in these tracks.

The opening song Don’t Tempt Me is a rather slow, mellow song but this has been purposely done to allow you to hear all five voices. It’s a nice introduction to allow for you to hear their full range as a group.

The pace of the songs starts to pick up after the opener with Boomerang and Know What You Like. Both songs showcase the seductive tones that plague this EP with “You know I’ll hit it properly” and “Sexy attitude gets me in that mood”.

MiC Lowry Photo Credit: MiC Lowry Instagram

There is more to this EP than just an undertone of seduction though. The songs have good catchy choruses that will leave you singing them all day but just maybe don’t sing them in-front of your family, you should probably save it for your partner.

An interlude 2 U is placed into the middle of the EP and takes a way a little from the strength of the album. It is understandably placed there to fit in with the story that is trying to be told though but it’s a little bit hit and miss.

All of the early songs showed just how great and passionate the start of a relationship can be and in the song No Problem this theme continues however like many relationships there are bumps in the road.

As the EP goes on you can see in Can’t Lie and Frustrations where the boys portray how mistakes can be made and they are really getting across all aspects and moods of a relationship.

This final song Frustrations really does leave you frustrated in a good way as it leaves you wanting more. A catchy powerful ending was fitting to this strong selection of songs which was whittled down from 40.

MiC Lowry Photo Credit: MiC Lowry Instagram

Overall this EP combines sexual ballads, catchy club songs and powerful harmonies to really give you a wide picture on relationships. Certain songs also hint to me influences from other artists. Boomerang has a very Chris Brown feel and Know What You Like also has tinges of Bruno Mars. See what you think.

These boys are going from strength to strength and I can’t lie to you if you miss out on the boy’s tour which begins at the start of 2018 you’re going to be left with frustrations.

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