Stunning visual effects make this show even more amazing
The heat is on in Saigon…

It’s 1975 and the war in Vietnam is raging. Death and destruction is all around. Young ladies are working in the brothels and the American soldiers find solace in their company. But when GI Chris meets Kim, its turns into more than just company.

Having been promised to another by her father, Kim places her life in the hands of the American Soldier in order to survive and find a way out of Vietnam.

But Chris is sent home just days after meeting his new love. Kim must now survive on her own, whilst Chris has to contend with the after effects of war. But when a few years pass and his life has moved on, he hears he has fathered a child. Chris has to decide whether to travel back to Vietnam for Kim and the child, or stay with his new wife.

Stunning visual effects make this show even more amazing

Miss Saigon is a very intense musical, and one that everyone should see at least once as an adult. The audience gets an insight to the horrors of war, and the real victims that are left behind.

Leading lady, Joreen Bautista, may be small but her powerful voice and emotional acting puts her right in the limelight of every scene. She is making her stage debut in Miss Saigon, and putting her mark on the musical world in style.

Ashley Gilmour plays American soldier Chris, along with Ryan O’Gorman who plays his companion John. They show the true effects of war, portraying post traumatic stress and compassion for those left behind with equal passion.

Citizens of Vietnam dream of a new life in America

Red Concepción provides the comedic relief as The Engineer in an otherwise serious production. His flamboyant outfits and wild ‘American Dream’ ideas allow the audience the emotional respite. However he can show a more violent side when it comes to keeping his dreams and his ‘girls’ in order.

There are some amazing visual effects in the show, from a working helicopter hovering low on the stage, to quick changing scenery, and spectacular displays of power, martial arts and dragon dancing.