REVIEW: Phantom Limb Music Video by Gone Is Gone

REVIEW: Phantom Limb Music Video by Gone Is Gone


Rock band, Gone Is Gone have recently released a music video for their new single ‘Phantom Limb’.

The music video starts of with with an aerial shot of two people floating on the water. This makes the viewer curious as they want to know if they are alive or dead.

The next shot shows close ups of both people submerged under the water, beginning to make us think “what happened?”

We then see two close-ups of two children, with each new shot showing them progressing in age.

This then transitions into an aerial shot of beautiful desert island full of palm trees. This adds a sense of euphoria to the video.

However, later on in the video next aerial shot of blood surrounding one of the floating bodies starts to change the feeling to dysphoria.

This then leads to the mood of the video drastically changing. The colour red starts to dominate the background, which connotes that something bad has happened.

This works well as the music starts to intensify, and we do then believe that this euphoric looking island is not as good as it looks and that there is something bad going on.

The final shot of the video goes back to the opening shot of two bodies floating in the water, and this makes us question what has happened. Was this an illusion or have they been floating for a long time?

“‘Phantom Limb’ is a tale of seek and find,” says band member Troy Sanders. “The song explores a cause of sensation and is inspired by one’s ability to overcome what was once there.”

He continues,

“We shot this in one beautiful day amongst the ruins of Fort Dade on the isolated island of Egmont Key in the Gulf of Mexico. It was filmed with our good friends at Newmerica, which was once again a most pleasurable experience.”

About the Band

Gone Is Gone are an American rock-band formed in 2016, consisting of members Troy Sanders (Vocals), Troy Van Leeuwen (Guitar), Tony Hajjar (Drums) and Mike Zarin (Guitar and backing vocals).

The quartet was formed by Zarin and At The Drive-In’s Tony Hajjar, who previously collaborated on various film trailer projects for Sencit, Zarin’s music production, licensing and supervision company.

Together they’ve put together a wildly diverse sound production resume that includes trailers for the internet-breaking television series Stranger Things, Game of Thrones and the Marvel Comics blockbuster film, “X-Men Apocalypse,” to name but a few.

They brought in Troy Van Leeuwen, known for his work with Queens of the Stone Age.

He in turn, brought in Troy Sanders from multi-Grammy nominees Mastodon.

Gone Is Gone’s roots are so unique.

Their development comes from that creative zone where music, film and multimedia joyfully collide in the studio.

“We’re not beholden to record/tour/record/tour,” says Zarin.

“For us it’s write/record/experiment/write/record/experiment. We’re laying the groundwork to do different things. Whether it’s scoring a film, or just creating a tool kit for a filmmaker to use within their film, or an interactive experience. There are a lot of music artists that work with visual artists in a gallery space where they have audio and visuals connected. And we want to bring that with everything we do.”


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