Post-hardcore group Silverstein landed at the Talking Heads in Southampton for the first stop of their UK tour.

The band from Ontario Canada released their ninth album ‘Dead Reflections’ in July this year, and will be showcasing it around the UK in eight different venues.

Luckily for Silverstein fans on the south coast, Southampton got first dibs on witnessing the live form of the bands “darkest album yet”.

Shane Todd, lead singer of Silverstein.

Frontman Shane Todd agreed it was one of their darkest, and explained to On The Scene that he was not having his best moments when creating it.

“It’s a dark record there is no question, I was going through a pretty rough patch when I was writing it, and musically we tuned it down a little.

“It has more ominous tones and things which we hadn’t done before, so I think that all factored into the vibe of it being super dark. People listening to it can take a lot away from it”.

Silverstein were supported by two bands in Southampton, Greiver and Hail the Sun, who both gave the crowd a brilliant show before the main event arrived on stage.

Greiver, a local band from Bournemouth set the scene with their slamming riffs and crippling breakdowns, and although they lost the bass in the last couple of sets, they still gave the crowd a great experience.

Greiver’s Luke Davis (left) and Hail the Sun’s Donovan Melero (right).

Next were Hail the Sun. Travelling to the UK for the first time, the band from Los Angeles gave a performance full of energy. Frontman Donovan Melero surprised crowds when in their second set. Melero played the drums while lead singing. An excellent solo act with breath-taking backing.

Silverstein then took the stage to the loudest cheer of the night.

Playing singles such as ‘Lost Positives’ and ‘Whiplash’ from their new album drove the crowd into wildness. Although the songs had soft melodies and deep lyrics, the cries and destructive jams induced a small mosh-pit with drinks and even shoes flying across the room.

‘Retrograde’ was a personal favourite of mine, and seeing it live, it is now one of my all-time Silverstein favourites, as it had the perfect harmony between the screaming and the singing which Todd did flawlessly.

The last song in their set went to the fan favourite ‘Smile In Your Sleep’ which has five-million hits on YouTube. It brought out smiles on everyone’s faces in the room to the crowd’s delight. The band was cheered for an encore, of which they appreciatively did two more of their older records.

Shane Todd and Silverstein will tour North America in January.

Silverstein formed 17 long years ago in 2000, and asking if they have fuel in the tank to keep driving forward with the band, Todd felt they were defiantly on track to keep it up.

“We feel good, were not only making our best music but were also having so much fun.

“When we started the band 17 years ago, it was for fun, that’s why we did it. Obviously now it’s our career and we don’t have other jobs, this is what we do! As long as were having fun, we will keep it going.”

Todd also admitted that the bands previous three records probably being their best, and he thinks that it’s due to their development over recent years.

“We are completed different to say five years ago. I think when we were a younger band we didn’t have much confidence we didn’t really know what we were doing.

“We have come to our own and have learnt to trust ourselves and trust our decisions.”

Silverstein’s UK Tour upcoming Dates:

December 12 – GLASGOW – G2

December 13 – NEWCASTLE – Think Tank

December 14 – MANCHESTER – Sound Control

December 15 – HUDDERSFIELD – The Parish

December 16 – LONDON – Garage

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