Craig Revel Horwood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Mayflower Theatre.

Pantomime season begins as Snow White returns to Mayflower Theatre! 

Where else would you find family fun, dazzling costumes, crazy animatronics and a Strictly Judge in killer heels? In Pantomime, of course!

QDOS Entertainment bring the well loved story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to Southampton, with plenty of magic, sparkle and visual effects a plenty.

Snow White played by Charlotte Haines. Courtesy of Mayflower Theatre

Charlotte Haines reprises the role of Snow White, and her experience in the show excels. Her powerful voice matches her stage presence and Charlotte shines in each scene. She’s partners expertly with West End star Oliver Savile who plays Prince Harry of Hampshire. Oliver’s experience on the stage shows when pitted against the evil Queen and during big musical numbers.

Craig Revel Horwood as Queen Lucretia and Oliver Savile as Prince Harry. Courtesy of Mayflower Theatre

Queen Lucretia is stunningly played by Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood, who not only provides jokes at the expense of fellow actors, but rocks amazing heels and fantastic costumes, and stuns the audience with his strong singing voice too. Flawless are the Queen’s guardsmen, and their dance routines has sharp timing and the audience is kept captivated.

Craig Revel Horwood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Mayflower Theatre.

The Chuckle Brothers are the Queen’s henchmen, and their family friendly jokes and antics provide plenty of laughs for both kids and adults.

Snow White is a fantastic family adventure, and sets everyone up spectacularly for Christmas. The first half of the performance felt slightly slower as the story was set up, but the second half had vastly more energy as everyone relaxed into the performance, and no doubt will continue to do so throughout the shows run.

The cast of Snow White. Courtesy of Mayflower Theatre

On the Scene Magazine spoke to Oliver Savile before the start of the show.

What got you into acting?

No one in my family does theatre, I have no idea where it came from! I grew up in a little town called Buxton, and we have a beautiful little opera house, seats about 800 people, and we used to get small scale musicals come there. My dad took me to see Blood Brothers, and I remember sitting there, I laughed, I cried, I really felt for these characters on the stage, and I asked my dad “Who are these people? What do they do?” and he said “they’re actors, its their job”. From that moment on, that was it, thats what I wanted to do.

Why did you choose to specialise in musical theatre?

I didn’t intentionally go for musical theatre, the school I went to, we did plays mainly, lots of Shakespeare, and it was a great opportunity for eleven, twelve year olds to be involved. From this I actually wanted to be an actor. It wasn’t until we put on a musical and I got the lead, I got a love for musical theatre. I did drama at GCSE, and then did a BTEC in Musical Theatre after.

From there I applied to all the drama schools I could, the bulk of them were acting colleges, places like RADA, Central, Guilford. My last audition was Mount View, and it was for musical theatre, and I fell in love with it. I realised then I didn’t want to study Shakespeare for three years, I want to do musical theatre. Once I left college, I’ve been very fortunate to move from job to job with musical theatre, and I love every minute of it.

Have you performed at the Mayflower Theatre before? 

I have, I was there when Cats were on the UK tour in 2013 and I played Tugger. I love that theatre, and looking forward to being there in panto too. 

Have you ever done a pantomime performance before? 

Once. It was my second job out of college, and it was a little panto at Drury Lane in Wakefield. The cast only had seven people, so Snow White is going to be my first big panto! 

Whats the rehearsal process like?

It’s not very long at all! Pantos are well oiled machines. You go in, learn the music, learn the words and that’s it. Big West End shows have 4-6 weeks rehearsals, we have 2-3 weeks! 

What is it like to be working with such a star-studded cast? 

Its amazing! Just taking the time to learn from them and get to know them has been a massive privilege. I’ve grown up watching the Chuckle Brothers, so they’re a bit of a childhood legend for me, but they are so lovely! I’ve got a lot of big scenes with Craig too which are very exciting, and Flawless are just stunning to watch every time. But at the end of the day I know they’re big celebrities. We’re all actors, and we’re there to do a job. Hopefully one day I’ll be in their shoes! 

Panto is magical for everyone, from the young to the old. Do you have any advice for anyone who sees Snow White and thinks they may want to go into musical theatre? 

I always have one piece of advice: If you want to do it, don’t do it. If you need to do it, go for it. It is the best job in the world but it is hard work, and you have to put yourself on the line. Just wanting to do it won’t be enough.

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