The long-awaited film release of Spectre is finally here, and the 007 agent, James Bond, has another story to tell. But what did we think of the latest film release?

Estrella (Stephanie Sigman) and Bond (Daniel Craig) in disguise at the Day of the Dead festival in SPECTRE.


Queues are crowding cinemas, there is uproar when showings become full, the theatre rooms are stuffy with commotion, and folks are arguing over who their seats belong to. The three year long wait has simmered the great British public’s emotions just in time for the new film release. But what is it that has sparked all this chaos? Spectre has finally arrived and Daniel Craig is about to show his shiny, sculptured chest one more time.

Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and now Spectre. Daniel Craig has certainly treated his audiences with his devotion to the James Bond series and his contribution seems to have collected a new following of fans. Calling all lonely middle-aged ladies!

Daniel Craig, the cool and mysterious heart-throb that made every girl from the age of sixteen onwards weak at the knees, is to blame for the extreme success of the past few Bond films. His debut film, Casino Royale, earned around $599,045,960 at the box office worldwide. Compare that with his third contribution, Skyfall, earning $1,108,561,013 worldwide, and you’ll see just how his participation has had a positive effect on the classic films and helped develop them further.

But did Spectre live up to the success of its predecessor? What else can we say about it other than “It was good”? The fight scenes, the chase scenes, the romance scenes, were all as good as what we have seen before.

Yet we question whether we truly feel this way about the new Bond film. Is this just our love for the man we thought we knew blinding our honest judgement? The opening scene of Spectre that silenced all theatres, suggested we were about to be prepared for an unforgettable film that would do everything to exceed the success of its last and leave us with a bittersweet longing for more. We were welcomed with exploding buildings and gorgeous female throwaways, yet the riveting tone depicted in this introductory scene didn’t seem to be present for the remainder of the film.


The film adopted a predictable storyline which cheapened the supposedly extravagant tone of the much loved series. The neat and tidy ending left audiences feeling dissatisfied with no hope to catch a glimpse of the formally reckless and abrupt character of Bond. It seems Spectre aimed for a tone more suitable to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as Bond opted to leave his ‘devil-may-care’ attitude behind. But was it foolish of us to hold out much hope when we found out Sam Smith was going to grace Spectre with his boring Writing’s on the Wall? Unfortunately, this greyness resounded throughout the film too.

It seems Spectre has suffered from what might be called ‘over-hype’. With the success of Skyfall, fans have allowed themselves to expect something even greater than before, when in reality Spectre could be described as being more of the same. However, this momentary disappointment could be due to the fact that this film is merely being used to build the foundations of a greater and more thrilling story of what is yet to come. Well let’s hope so. With the return of classic characters such as ‘Blofeld’ portrayed by Christoph Waltz, perhaps things seem hopeful.


So we must reach a conclusion and decide upon how we really feel, but ultimately it all comes down to sitting on the fence. Spectre seemed to have all the ingredients to create the perfect recipe, but instead we were delivered a Victoria sponge cake when we were promised a Chocolate Fudge Cake. Bland yet strangely satisfying.

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