The atmosphere in The Engine Rooms, Southampton, was already electric due to the Shiver playing beforehand. They were very good; however, it was a shame that the microphone volume was just a little too low.

After they left, the entire room went pitch black, before some white lights and strobe lighting lit up the stage. This was followed by The Rasmus band members walking on and just, putting on one of the bed live gigs I have ever been to. Every song they performed had its own mood lights, and the lighting was even flashing in time with the different drum beats.

All different colours were shown, ranging from green to blue, red to orange, white to pink, and purple to blue. It created such a pleasant ambience and helped to engage with the music even more.

The lights were also positioned so that no band members were hidden from the audience, and everyone could be seen so clearly. Each member was smiling and engaging, and the singing could be heard over the music. All the sound levels, these guys used, were perfect.

They performed a mixture of songs, such as Guilty’, ‘Wonderman’, and ‘Empire’; the last two songs were from their new Album: Dark Matters.

They even did a small acoustic section in the middle of their act which included: ‘Not like the Other Girls’ and ‘Still Standing.

Everyone was singing along and just; the atmosphere was so great.

There was a brilliant moment when The Rasmus left the stage and then came back, asking for everyone to make some noise. We all screamed and yelled, and one of the members said “No… I meant like a buzzing or something”. So they asked again, and the entire room was full of weird hums and buzzing, it was so cool.

I’d recommend seeing The Rasmus to anyone, they are so friendly, and the music is just amazing. I feel so lucky that I got this opportunity to see them.

Buy the new album: Dark Matters here.