From the award-winning author Michael Morpurgo, a film by Stephen Spielberg and a huge National Theatre success, War Horse has come to Southampton Mayflower as part of its second UK tour.

With over seven million audience members over the years and the fact it has sold better than any other National Theatre production, it is no wonder that the production has gained tremendous success. A play that takes the audience on a journey through the characters of a horse, Joey and his loving owner Albert over the course of the first World War from the idyllic countryside of Devon to the trenches in France. A time where class and cultures meet during the war after rigid Edwardian class structures and technology is rising from the introduction of the tank and machine gun, Joey has become known as a symbol of peace amongst it all.

War Horse – Mayflower

Starting as an underdog plough horse to a war hero horse, it is no wonder that there wasn’t a dry eye in the theatre during and after the production and has become the talking point of contemporary theatre productions as told through puppets, manned by as many as three people using symbols and imagination, every audience member is enticed in an emotional journey through these characters.