REVIEW: Wretch 32 announces FR32 album

REVIEW: Wretch 32 announces FR32 album

FR32: Wretch is back on top with this new album

Wretch 32's latest album

Wretch is back and better than ever with an album that attacks every emotion in your body. 

Wretch is rising once again in his new album FR32 and no it’s not just due to the balloon in his album cover. The Tottenham born rapper continues to hit political wrongs as hard as ever but there’s certainly a softer tone to this 12-track phenomenon.

The Fire in the Booth genius is back again. This special album links his 32nd birthday and his stage name with a smooth play on words. The FR3 – spells out free and then the 2 on the end pretty much says “free to”. This would indicate that Wretch is now free and able to make the best music he can. He’s in a good head space in this album.

You can see that Wretch is somewhat of a perfectionist in this album. The level of care he has taken with each song is beyond words and this is because music has never done him wrong.

Wretch’s last album Growing Over Life, which he released in September last year, was certainly a lot darker and gave us a strong insight into just how low a place Wretch had been in. The death of artist and close friend Richard Antwi would certainly have had something to do with this.

Wretch enjoying himself in the studio for this album. Via Wretch 32 Instagram

The new album opens with DMPO (Don’t p*ss me off) and the closed fist in the cover suggests once again that he won’t be shying away from delivering some hard-hitting bars for which we all know him. He doesn’t need anyone bringing down his mood and wants to disregard any negativity.

The middle of the album is certainly much calmer than the aggressive bars shown in DPMO. Although Wretch still isn’t afraid to turn heads with his strong opinions he seems to have taken a more mature view on conflict. It’s almost like he taken a step back and has seen everything from a new position of understanding.

This can certainly be seen in the song His and Hers which will leave you nothing short of speechless. If you can listen to this song without goose bumps appearing you’ve done very well. It certainly makes you question a lot of things in relationships including love and trust.

Fire word play once again makes you look deep inside yourself. It will leave a soft feeling in your heart whilst bombarding your head with thoughts. Being somewhat of an elder statesman Wretch is looking to pass on his wise words with clear assurance in his voice to the younger generation.

One of Wretch 32’s single was Don’t Go.

“Old enough to know better but I’m young enough to try again” is a lyric from the song Power and this is a perfect lyric for Wretch’s point of view in this album.

Wretch has matured and has used this album as somewhat of a pointer to indicate his new outlook on life. More positive upbeat songs such as Happy and Colourful Purple certainly help to indicate that Wretch is in a much better place.

This being said the song Time is based around the passing of his uncle who was very dear to him. Wretch poured all his heart and soul into this song and even started recording it just after the death so that everything was raw and genuine. This shows just how powerful Wretch as an artist is.

Features from the likes of Donae’o, Kojo Funds and Avelino are strong but the lyrics themselves say a lot more than the people who feature on it. Every word and every line has a purpose.

Avelino featuring on the FR32 Album, Via: Avelino Instagram

A perfect balance between soulful calm tracks and club bangers is certainly on show. Unlike Wretch’s last album which sort of came and went because of a lack of catchy songs this year he’s managed to get the best of both. Whistle featuring Donae’o and its bass boosted background will certainly leave fans hearing Wretch’s fierce delivery on the club scene.

FR32 has moved on a long way from the struggles that Wretch expressed in Growing Over Life. He now see’s everything with more clarity and wisdom and this has really shone through on this bright uplifting album.

The album ends with Thugs Prayer in which you hear Wretch scream “I’m free”. Close-fisted and balloon in hand its heart-warming to see that Wretch has risen above the dark cloud that loomed above him to rise to prominence once again.