VIDEO: RJ Thompson returns with ‘Blackout Windows’

VIDEO: RJ Thompson returns with ‘Blackout Windows’


Newcastle songwriter RJ Thompson returns with the release of the latest visual for his third track ‘Blackout Windows’ from his upcoming new album ‘Echo Chamber.’

‘Blackout Windows’ begins with an intense burst of the catchy chorus, setting the tone of synth-pop style, and leads on to a fantastic fusion of funky bass riffs and analogue synthesizers.

“Prolific…”  – The Guardian

The track breaks into an addictive bridge, bringing a focus on Thompson’s impressive vocals with the bass and finger clicking.

Thompson self-directed the music video for ‘Blackout Windows’ and plays with the retro feel of his album.

Set in a basketball court, the video hints towards Hill Valley, which is the setting of the 80’s classic film ‘Back to the Future.’

A lean towards classic 80’s films. Inspired by the feeling music gives you” – Noctis Magazine

It features Thompson himself and other 80’s references including a dancer as Madonna wearing an 80’s inspired outfit, while another dancer performs as Michael Jackson dancing the iconic Moonwalk.

“Blackout Windows is probably the most in-your-face track on the record… unapologetically full of some of my favourite synth sounds and rhythms. When I made this record, I wanted to make a body of work that was influenced by the music and films I listened to and watched as a child. There are musical nods to people like Michael Jackson and Prince throughout the album, and each video is a subtle nod to a classic 80s movie.” – RJ Thompson

Thompson also released a lyric video for the track.

Add Thompson’s post about the ‘Blackout Windows’ lyric video post with specific info about the song from his Facebook page:

The album ‘Echo Chamber’ will be released worldwide on 17th November.

Check out when I interviewed Thompson on his previous single ‘London’ who described how his sound is “Changing by the day.”

“One to watch” ‐ The Times

Thompson will soon begin his UK Tour in November and will perform with Jools Holland on the following dates. Book now to see him live:

29th November – City Hall, Newcastle

30th November – City Hall, Newcastle

1st December – SECC, Glasgow

21st December – International Centre, Harrogate

22nd December – First Direct Arena, Leeds