scouts guide

If Paranormal Activity 7 spiced up with blood, boobs and zombies makes you want to shout ‘Yes please!’ then Scouts Guide to the Apocalypse might just be the movie for you.

Christopher B. Landon, the skilled writer of the beloved Paranormal Activity series, (who doesn’t love a movie saga that dragged on so much so that they released a film documenting the protagonist neighbour’s reaction to the main event), just released his new movie that he directed and believe it or not, it’s amazing.

Scouts Guide has a simple plot that’s laid bare in the title – it’s a movie about Scouts fighting zombies. Doesn’t that sound entertaining?

The movie follows three scouts in their teenage years who are played by actors Tye Sheridan, who made his acting debut in Tree of Life followed by a main role in the critically acclaimed Mud (What went wrong, Tye?!), Logan Miller and Joey Morgan, who have as of yet not had any other notable performances to their names. Their collective effort is admirable, nothing out of this world, but they do have a good humorous touch of comedic chemistry between them.



The boys have a simple problem, they don’t want to be nerds anymore – understandable. Even more so, they want to see some boobs (profound plot, I know). If you were to take out the zombies and savage slaughtering, you’re left with your average coming of age teen rom-com. Ben (Tye Sheridan) has a crush on Carter’s (Logan Miller) hot sister but obviously as far as she’s concerned, he’s just another one of her little brothers uncool friends. Fear not, for the sister has no personality whatsoever and doesn’t need any convincing to dump her stupid albeit attractive boyfriend for the ungainly nerd in his awkward teenage phase at the end of the movie. Who cares anyway. At least there’s a kiss before the credits.

The movie does have some good bits and a movie based on using scouts skills to survive through a zombie apocalypse is a comical idea that has not yet been seen before. The animal zombie idea is original too. Such a scene as when the characters break into the cat lady’s house and end up almost getting their brains eaten by a colony of decrepit cats is unexpected as well as hilarious. At one point, the boys try to placate a zombie using a Britney Spears song as a lullaby and it surprisingly works. Whilst the movie does play on a lot of clichés, it does have some jokes that make you giggle and remind you that the movie doesn’t take itself seriously (at least, we hope not).

Despite some of better moments in the movie, it is a low budget film and the effects aren’t great which of course results in some scenes being pretty cringeworthy. Sarah Dumont’s character, the girl that works at the strip club (as a cocktail waitress though, she’s has some morals) is solely there to show off her boobs and add some sex appeal to the movie. Her on-screen role is literally used for kiss practice for Tye Sheridan’s character. Who needs well-rounded, three-dimensional female characters when you have BOOBS! Why can’t those women just appear in tight t-shirts and low cut shorts with enough sex appeal to give Hugh Hefner a stroke and a shotgun to kill zombies, then disappear without explanation. Is it this hard to get the kind of women we want, Hollywood?

Overall, the movie is the strange, silly and entertaining type that has the potential to engender some sort of cult following. It is pretty straightforward in regards to the action, but at the same time has flecks of originality scattered throughout and is enjoyable. It isn’t perfect, obviously, but in any case it’s better than any Paranormal Activity movie Christopher B. Landon has ever written.

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