Selfish Things

Selfish Things will be releasing their first EP since they started in 2015.

The Toronto based band have previously gained recognition for their singles and were in the New Noise playlist on Spotify for some time.

The album is co-produced by James Paul Wisner, who has worked with highly successful bands such as Paramore, Dashboard Confessional and Underoath. Wisner will be working alongside the bands lead singer-songwriter Alex Biro.

The EP is well worth a listen. I could say before indulging into their EP that I was much of a rock fan. However, now I cannot stop listening. I thought rock was just a load of bass guitar and loud singing but this EP is different. Don’t worry, if you’re into that style of music you’ll still love it. The EP mixes the more traditional rock sounds with slower, almost ballad songs.

Even within these slower songs, such as 1435, they mix in a blend of bass and drums and it’s aesthetic to your ears. A few songs later you will hear a completely different side of the rock genre.  8147 Mulholland Terrace, for example is a lot quicker and holds the more stereotypical rock sounds yet still has a unique feeling to it.

I cannot put my finger onto why but whatever the reason, I like it. It is almost incomparable to famous rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses or Artic Monkeys. How Selfish Things have not already gained more success than they have is beyond me.

“I’m a man without a name So all I have is all my love to give”

Biro explained how the EP is based from one of his most intense periods in life, where he struggled to understand whether we choose the path we walk or whether God/the universe or deity has placed us on a path that we can’t control. The lyrics to every song definitely describe a struggle and they make their listeners feel their pain. It’s done in such a tremendous way.

Despite the drums and bass, something you wouldn’t associate with empathy, you just can’t help but find yourself feeling somewhat bad for Biro. The song Rust Cohle Never Sleeps describes Biro’s pain and how he sees discomfort in everything. Within each song there is a message related to life wrapped inside. People need to listen and be one with the lyrics. They all have very pure meanings. It’s rare to find such pure songs that aren’t poisoned with youthful concepts and phrases.

I could not name another rock band, as far back as my memory serves, that has songs like this and that is why I think Selfish Things will start to gain more deserved recognition.

Selfish Things’ new EP will be out later this month, on 16th March and will contain six songs: 8147 Mulholland Terrace, Rust Cohle Never Sleeps, Without You, Five Years, Hangman and 1435. The band will also be doing a North America tour, supporting LAYNE. The tour will have 29 dates around the US.

Biro stated: “We’re really looking forward to spending some time in parts of America we’ve never seen. I’m looking forward to hanging with my best friends on the road, eating some good southern food and making memories.”