Charley Macaulay

20-year-old Charley Macaulay has always been destined for great things.

She was named South coast’s best female vocalist in 2011 and in 2009 won the Under 18’s section of a national competition, ‘Live and Unsigned’, beating 10,000 other hopefuls.

CharleyFast forward a couple of years later, Charley is signed to record label Acid Jazz and released her much anticipated album ‘All I Know’ this September. The album will make your heart race and your head bop up and down, in sheer pleasure.



“I’ve tried so hard just to let the music flow and not try to be anything I am not, and not go down the commercial road and I’ve ended up with a good, credible, music style. I’m very proud of it,” says Charley.

Throughout the 13-track album the songs build up to huge choruses which are expounded by Charley’s soulful sound, infused with a modern pop twist to create moments of musical euphoria.  “Me and Tom James (songwriter and band member) wrote songs on an acoustic guitar, we would get the main parts of the songs down, then our band would put their parts on them. We have drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, saxophone, trombone and trumpet. Wethen went to the studio adding extras like Synths, Strings, backing vocals and harmonies,” Charley adds.

The groovy, body-rocking and funky beats in the tracks are reminiscent of neo soul and 80’s pop music. This is particularly noticeable in the tracks ‘Lovesick’ and ‘Hard to say goodbye’ which begin with an addictive hook that quickly bubbles up with excitement and then gently slows down as the song returns to its upbeat and dramatic finish.

In 2014 Charley hopes to do her biggest tour yet and is to re-release her album.