The Slack 5 “Thrilled to be playing at The Hobbit”

The Slack 5 “Thrilled to be playing at The Hobbit”

Written by Davinia Ridgwell and Bhinduka Yokalingham
The Slack 5

Indie-style band, The Slack 5, took to the stage at The Hobbit on 11th March. It was a small, secluded venue but that did not stop Dr Flávio de Oliveira banging on the drums and guitarist Stuart Powell belting out the vocals. Singing alongside Powell was Simon Nightingale on the bass guitar.

The atmosphere was welcoming and everyone enjoyed themselves. The stage was all lit up with coloured strobe lighting which made the performance all the more amazing.

The Slack 5
Drummer Flavio de Oliveira

What struck us most about the band was the type of music they performed. Due to the appearance of the band members, they came across as heavy metal or rock. However, this was not the case at all. The music sounded very similar to You Me At Six, Bring Me The Horizon, and The Smiths and we were tapping our feet throughout the entire set. Other people danced and a man was even drumming along on a table.

With catchy, original songs such as ‘Wasted’, ‘Gone to the Dogs’, ‘4.6 miles from Chieveley’ and brilliant covers, it was apparent that The Slack 5 were passionate about their performance. The audience even demanded an encore and the band was happy to oblige. We even got to hear a brand NEW, never-sung-before song titled, ‘Home Taping Is Killing Music’.

“We were thrilled to be playing at The Hobbit for the first time – we’ve been together for over 6 years and played around Southampton quite a lot, but never The Hobbit. We also rarely play sets that long, which was also another great thing.”

– Dr Flávio de Oliveira, drummer.

The Slack 5 are a trio formed back in late 2010 and are based in Southampton.

Initially, Powell and de Oliveira worked with a singer-songwriter, however when that didn’t pan out, they ended up starting a band themselves. Powell invited his brother to join and The Slack 5 were born. A few years later, his brother left and the band struggled to find a replacement. Nightingale joined the band in 2015 and they have been playing together ever since.

The Slack 5
Simon Nightingale on bass guitar

The band have been working hard writing new songs and are planning to release their third album ready in for the Summer! They already have two albums – Tomorrow’s World was released back in 2012 and Illegal Item in Bagging Area was released in 2015.

For a chance to see The Slack 5 live, head to The Alexandra Beer Emporium, Bellevue Road in Southampton on 24th March. FREE entry. Starts at 9pm. Joining the band, POSH ELLEN will be making their debut and will perform just after 8pm.

The Slack 5 Stuart Powell
Stuart Powell on vocals.

All credits go to Patricia Mereniuk for the photographs.