The combination of mind numbingly simple and free to play may put off some people. However, there’s something about that grabs you by the collar and won’t let you go until hours later, leaving you asking yourself why this game is so addictive.

Drawing inspiration from the game where you play a simple circle, in you’re a digital snake that has to eat strange glowing food to grow bigger, but you can also kill other snake players by making them charge into you. The plot doesn’t sound very clever or innovative, but for the same reason some Facebook games are so addictive and you have to take a break from Facebook itself to be able to get any work done, this game gets you hooked so easily that I stopped playing other games for several days. One of the reasons may be the fast pace of the game and the fact that even though you may be the biggest snake there is, even the smallest player can kill you if he utilises the tools in his artillery, which makes it even more exciting.


This game reminds me of the old snake games that used to be on the older versions of Nokia phones, and this sense of nostalgia may be an important factor as to why this game has become as popular as it has, topping the charts after a mobile version of the game was the released on 27 March, 2016.

There are several default skins to choose from, so that you can customise your snake however you like; you can even unlock custom skins, like the American flag or make you look like a famous Youtuber, as long as you share the game on Facebook.

Compared to high rollers such as League of Legends or Hearthstone which are both hugely successful free to play games, falls short by a mile, but then again those games aren’t browser games, which would limit them severely.

Recommending a game that is completely free to play and is actually a browser game feels strange, but makes sense after trying it a couple of times. The longevity of this game is questionable at best. However, if you have a couple of hours spare and are looking for simple fun juxtaposed with intense frustration, this is the game for you.