Solent Alumni hosts ‘Stand Together’ exhibition in Showcase Gallery

Solent Alumni hosts ‘Stand Together’ exhibition in Showcase Gallery

Stand Together
Kev Munday's 'Stand Together' exhibition is at Showcase Gallery until April. Photo: Poppy Blain

The Solent Showcase gallery hosts Kev Munday’s homecoming art exhibition ‘Stand Together’ for three months, ending in April.

Munday, a Solent University Alumni, was named by The Telegraph in 2016 as one of the top five British artists to invest in. The Showcase gallery are supporting him with a temporary residency.

‘Stand Together’ is a living exhibition that has been developing over the course of three months.

Munday will be creating new work directly onto the walls of the gallery and will also be displaying work by the public, schools and various local groups.

If you visit more than once you will be able to watch the exhibition develop, and see Munday in action.

With lots of block colour and bold lines, his artwork is inspired by people watching and all the extraordinary things that make up everyday life. This particular exhibition is inspired by diversity and the beauty of it, hence the name ‘Stand Together’.

There are also other ways for the public to get involved. The galleries ‘co-creation space’ will offer workshops and activities for anyone to take part in, and there will also be music and performances.

Residents of Southampton and other areas have been invited to take part in the Stand Together Selfie Mural. People send in their selfie and a line about themselves to be included in one of Munday’s crowd painting which is being displayed in the window of the gallery throughout January and February.

Applicants have used this as an opportunity to explain what the city means to them, for example, “I was born in Russia, but moved to Southampton about 10 years ago and have made the city my home.”

Stand Together
‘Stand Together’ is a living exhibition that has been developing for three months. Photo: Poppy Blain.

Explaining more about his Selfie Mural Munday said: “I did a mural of a crowd of people and write stand together above it and then Kate and Joe from the gallery kind of took that on and evolved it into this.”

“One of the selfies we received was from a girl who’s battling a terminal illness, but she really wants to show people that you can carry on living and make the most out of life. It’s stories like hers which make the  exhibition special and it’s so important that I do it justice.”

As well his current exhibition, Munday has a studio in Basingstoke, where people interested in buying his art can go to see it beforehand, he typically has 10-20 finished pieces there at any one time and a few more in progress.