My funeral by Myra Bradley
My funeral by Myra Bradley

Southampton Solent University students will be performing in Studio Solent this week (Room JM315).

Last week the University saw two excellent plays from students on the BA Performance course by Popped Up Productions:

Picture This, a verbatim play about the ongoing effects of wartime conflicts in domestic life. The script was composed from the words of real people and their testimonies.


A Girl in a Car with a Man (by Rob Evans) a haunting tale of a missing child and the effect it can have on our everyday lives.


Having caught the action last week, I can highly recommend it and look forward to seeing more from the talented students from BA performance at Solent University.


Both productions were moving and intense with a strong calibre of acting quality that all will be impressed by, to say nothing of the smooth lighting and stage direction.

THIS WEEK at the Studio Solent four new plays will be performed starting Tuesday the 19th .

On Tuesday and Wednesday we have Freak (by Anna Jordan)

and an adaption of Nabokov’s Lolita (by Edward Albee)

(Please note Freak contains sexually explicit material.)

On Thursday and Friday we have Counting Hours (a new devised play)

and Colder Than here (by Laura Wade)

Pics courtesy of Elita Granger.


ALL evenings start at 6pm sharpish.