With the huge success of last years Soundclash, local Hampshire festival is set to return in perfect timing to conclude this year’s Fresher’s events at Solent. On Saturday 1st of October, over 20,000 people from Bournemouth and Southampton will be brought together through booze, beats and boogieing in Ringwood, Hampshire  – and what’s even better is that with Solents AAA pass you get free entry!

Beginning in only 10 days, anyone with an AAA pass can attend the festival free of charge. The good times begin at 1pm and roll on until 1am the next morning. With the awesome turnout of last years festival in which 10,000 people came to see 50 artists on 4 stages, Soundclash have since outdone themselves and are going even BIGGER, with this years festival seeing 75 artists playing 5 different stages complete with lots of high quality LED screens, Lasers, etc, a VIP tent, alcohol, food and last but by no means least an all-night fun fair – because if you haven’t drank whiskey on the waltzers at midnight then what are you even doing with your life?

The line-up consists of DJ Fresh, Groove Armada, Jamie Jones, Andy C, Pendulum, Artful Dodger, Mike Skinner (The Streets) and many, many more. The small print, however, is that as Soundclash is a licensed festival, alcohol can not be brought on the premises from outside and entrants must be at least 18 years old. This means bags will be checked and people will be ID’d – but so long as you’re old enough to drink and wise enough to put your vodka in medicine bottles we’re sure you’ll be fine. 

For those interested but unsure about how to get there, there will be shuttle bus runs from Southampton centre on the day. Follow this link to learn more about how to get to Soundclash. Tickets to Soundclash would normally run you £40-£60, but with Solent Fresher’s AAA pass, festival goers get in completely FREE – result! So be sure not to miss out on your ticket, and definitely don’t miss out on Soundclash on the 1st October.