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The Solent TV team has presented a 360º tour of Southampton shot on Ricoh THETA. 2180º video lenses got stitched together to create a 360º experience of being immersed in the moment- seeing Red Funnel ferry going by, the docks, busy streets, Castle walls, Ocean Village and even “taking” a cab to go past the Hoglands and Houndwell parks!

The Solent TV 360º tour of Southampton

360º camera footage got processed into a spherical video so as to create an opportunity of “exploring” the streets of Southampton by simply grabbing certain areas of the video and dragging it towards or away to see everything you want from different angles.

The technology of the 360º tours works in a way that individual videos are being turned into a seamless panoramic view. Backed up by spatial audio technologies and 360º metadata injection, it becomes the future of journalism, gaming and visual storytelling.

Even though the concept of 360º videos is still young, it has already become a really big thing in terms of delivering an unforgettable viewing experience of being able to look in any direction inside the video from any distance by using either a mouse or moving smartphone up, sideways and down to see everything.

Talking about the future of 360º videos and VR, GoPro has finally released its VR rig called “Odyssey”. Massive and equipped with 16 360º Hero 4 Black cameras with an access to Google’s servers, it is about to become an ultimate gamechanger in the area of VR video. As introduced by the GoPro representatives, Odyssey is the industry’s only commercially available tool with automatic sync and stitch, stereo and ability to capture moments in 360º-format.

What does it mean to all of us? More amazing 360º tours through Southampton and other great places incoming! The world of video will never be the same.

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