Southampton in 1994

Southampton in 1994

Southampton in 1994

The fascinating footage of Southampton back in 1994 uploaded to YouTube by Glen Harfield, a 35-year-old now living in Didcot but born and raised in Southampton.

The series of videos were filmed on a camcorder by Glen’s grandparents George and Joyce Harfield and were personal tours of the city for his grandfather’s brother Bryon, who lives in Vancouver, Canada.

His grandparents, who used to live in Southampton, managed to capture the former Pirelli site in West Quay Road, the Ocean Village shopping centre in all its glory, Southampton High Street before it was semi-pedestrianised north of East Street.

Viewers can also catch a glimpse of the former Southern Daily Echo offices before they moved to Newspaper House in Redbridge in 1997. The former site is now home to WestQuayshopping centre.

Southampton video chronicles from 1994 have notched up thousands of views since they were uploaded to Glen’s PlacesIveVisited channel.

Southampton in 1994

Glen said that his grandfather George bought his camcorder to film family events and holidays, but also enjoyed filming the birds in his garden through the windows of their bungalow in West End.

He also added that he and his granny made some video tours of Southampton back in 1993 and 1994 to send to his brother Bryon in Vancouver, who emigrated there with his wife when they were younger.

Later on he discovered that he had those videos on their camcorder and uploaded the footage to a computer. After having edited them he thought they would be of interest to people and decided to share them.

Glen’s videos of Southampton have been positively received by the major part of the viewers, making them either go down the memory lane or want to visit the city.

Glen, who now lives with wife Donnya, admits to recreating the steps his grandparents took in the video to see how much the city has changed.

Before moving to Didcot, Glen lived across the city and has fond memories of Ocean Village.

He remembers going to Canute’s Pavilion at Ocean Village often with his college friends, spending time in Schooners Bar playing old school games arcade downstairs in Canute’s Pavilion.

Check out the video of Southampton in 1994