On the 18th June 2016, the 7th UK born person to go into space – astronaut Tim Peake – returned to Earth after spending six months floating above our pale blue dot. The 186 day Prinicipia mission found Major Peake working on board the International Space Station 230 miles from the Earth’s surface.

By Joel Kowsky/NASA (Flirck NASA [1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
On the 5th May, Tim Peake found himself over 220 miles above the South Coast of England. Taking advantage of his incredible perspective he decided to snap a photograph of Hampshire from the International Space Station whilst he orbited in space.

A spotless photograph, the most impressive thing about it being that the skies were actually clear over the South Coast for once. The photograph incorporates the whole of Hampshire, in which the Common and the River Itchen can clearly be seen in Southampton.

Hampshire from Space

He originally posted the photograph in a tweet to his 1.1 million followers, stating ‘A sunny UK South Coast today – where I grew up (not that I really ever grew up!)’ Major Tim Peake’s twitter can be found here.