Photography credit goes to Julie Thompson

In 1983, a man by the name of Kirk Brandon’s post-punk band Theatre of Hate had come to an end. In that same year, Kirk formed The Spear Of Destiny, a British rock band that has since survived the ages and is now returning with a new tour and new music over 30 years later.

As part of their new UK tour, the legendary punk stalwarts will be performing at numerous venues across the country, including local venue The Talking Heads in Southampton. Their touring show pulls songs from every era of their 30 year career, bringing super-fans the golden oldies such as Liberator, Rainmaker, The Wheel, Never Take Me Alive (and many more) as well as newer fan favourites such as Age of Unreason, Prison Planet, Judas and many others, amongst songs from their 2014 album ‘31’.

The current members of The Spear of Destiny are the longest serving, with founder and lead singer Kirk Brandon, along with Adrian Portas (from Model Army and Sex Gang Children), Craig Adams (from Sisters of Mercy, The Cult and The Mission), Phil Martini, Danny Farrent, Stan Stammers, John ‘Boy’ Lennard, Sam Sansbury and Steve Allen Jones on the keyboards.

The Spear of Destiny tour is supported by Knight$ and features pianist Michael Gilham. If you’re interested in attending a show, all tour tickets can be found here.

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of Kirk’s original band Theatre of Hate, there are also tickets available to see the band live here.

The Southampton show will take place on Wednesday the 14th and tickets are on sale for £15 here. Kirk and his bands have received numerous praise, notably as a very underrated band.

John Robb (Louder Than War): “Spear of Destiny are criminally underrated and are one of Britain’s best, Boys Own, punch the air, grandiose Rock’n’Roll bands”


Jeremy Vine (BBC): “Kirk Brandon is one of our greatest musical geniuses”


Mojo: “Kirk Brandon is one of the UK’s best kept secrets”.