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It’s exactly what it says on the tin (well title), five survival games that have only one aim, that’s right you guessed it, survive. From zombie apocalypses to just pure stranded deserted world, this isn’t the time to cry, it’s time to get your Bear Grylls, Daryl Dixon, Ellie, and Clementine on.

These games have garnered quite a bit of attention for a while now but they still continue to catch the eyes of gamers around the community, so if you want to join in on the main-‘steam’ bandwagon (see what I did there? Wink wink nudge nudge), these five games are a good place to start to put you to the test, and some of them are on sale; splendid.

H1Z1 (£9.74)

H1Z1 was released early 2015 and although being almost a year old, it continues to be popular with mixed opinions. This game though is mostly a survival game of ‘survival of the fittest’, it’s MMO (multiplayer online) mode is what give this game it’s ultimate charm as players are not only having to scavenge supplies but also continuously battle off the humanity that succumbed to the zombie virus, AND fight off fellow survivors. Testing your skills to be the last one standing and climb onto the leader boards.

The game graphics, in my opinion, are similar to Grand Theft Auto, the environment and characters are detailed enough to make it realistic but at the same time not too realistic. The game also allows you to customise your character so even in a zombie apocalypse you can still achieve your dream looks.

How you kill off zombies and humans alike, requires a steady hand that only call of duty experience would come in handy, so if you’re pretty good at that, good for you. For those who are like me; and their hands tend to spazz when a potential threat comes into view, good luck.

Now the game although is survival based, H1Z1 focuses more on a battle royale rather than just surviving, regardless the game has a more violent and free for all feel to it, it’s got that “the world has gone to the dumps, f*ck everything” feel to it.

Grim Dawn (£12.99)

A game inspired by Diablo 2, this survival game has an apocalyptic fantasy twist to it, this RPG game allows you to customise your character, create and craft, and take on quests.

The gameplay when defeating enemies and monsters, it requires several attacks and dodges, using health bars. It has a Monster Hunter-like feel to it with it’s rural environment graphics and fantasy creatures, when playing this game you can see elements of Diablo to it but Grim Dawn holds it’s own in being a game that immensely enjoyed.

Dying Light (£13.59)

Dying Light also came out early this year as well and it still continues to be game that sends adrenaline through your body, with a first person perspective you can fully immerse yourself into the world of zombies for like an hour or two, maybe an entire day, up to you. The game also uses the cycle of day and night, in order for you to plan strategies and game plan.

The game plot requires you to infiltrate a survivor camp in order to find a man who endangers the reputation of the company you work for. I must admit, doesn’t sound like a memorable game plot but the graphics and gameplay, doesn’t disappoint. The graphics is beautifully done, with details to the post apocalyptic world that appeals to the eye, yes even the infected zombies, that feels almost all too real, personally the graphics are on par as the game; ‘Soma’. Not only that but keeping the game realistic means that it keeps to the law of physics and adding to the day and night cycle, it recreates a world that relies on your own instinct and quick thinking.

The game also offers other modes to play as well, such as co-operative play, so you can bash some zombie brains with your good friend. As well as several ‘hard’ modes for those bad asses out there; some as just being trapped in an inconvenient environment infested with zombies with only one weapon or just incoming waves of infected coming for your booty. There’s also a mode where you, yourself can play as a infected as well, allowing to work and gain abilities, and remember to eat your five-a-day brains.


I’m not going to lie to you; it’s Minecraft with the thrill of zombies. That’s it.

The graphics and gameplay is basically like Minecraft, regardless it doesn’t stop it from being a good game. You can build your own fort, weapons, scavenge just like Minecraft and as you do in any survival game, but what it does have that not a lot of zombie survival games have, is that its MMO (multiplayer mode) allows players to peacefully survive the zombie apocalypse with your friends and fellow humans. Peacefully is optional though, an MMO that also connects online allows all kinds of people onto the server and whether you want to kill them with all guns blazing from

Don’t Starve (2.75)

The aim of the game is obviously to starve to death.

Tim Burton meets Minecraft meets survival, that’s what I get from this game. The graphics are cartoon-like yet it has a creepy twinge to it, in the game you can play as several characters but you mainly play as ‘Wilson’, a gentlemen scientist with a great power of growing a beard, who unfortunately came across by a demon. You are thrust into a dark and mysterious world that looks oddly like an average forest, as it seems but eventually you come to find that there’s nothing average about it when ‘shadows’ and surreal monsters start coming after you, and it’s up to you and your top notch survival skills to keep Wilson sane and healthy.

Most of the game plot is revealed in the Don’t Starve teaser but as you play along, little bits do come to light as you attempt to return Wilson back home, as you achieve and get past levels, more characters of all kinds with different abilities become available to play.

There you have it..

That is the five survival games that cater to different preferences on how you want to play and how experienced you are, some may be not to your tastes but there’s nothing to lose in trying out.

If survival games aren’t your forte that’s alright or if it is your thing, that is also alright but you should try this one game that definitely without a doubt calls for an honourable mention, a survival game that is loved by many; The Last of Us, although it is a PS3 game that cannot be purchased on Steam (to my knowledge), you have to play it.

Don’t question it, just trust me.


  1. The Last of Us is exclusive to Playstation consoles and is definitely not, or ever will be, available to Steam. Still a fantastic game everyone should play though!