Stormzy Gang Signs & Prayers Tour Preview

Stormzy Gang Signs & Prayers Tour Preview

stormzy gang signs and prayers

The hotly-anticipated debut album from Stormzy landed with such a bang that it was inevitable a followup tour would be a huge success. The Croydon rapper released 16 dates in cities such as Birmingham, Dublin and London, all of which sold out in record time. This Thursday sees Stormzy takeover Bournemouth’s O2 Academy after returning from playing at Coachella Festival in America.

The night promises to offer more than just a gig. Known for his catchy songs such as ‘Know Me From’ and ‘Shut Up’, Michael Omari proves there is more to him as he showcases his lyrical genius in a more reflective, appreciative mood in his debut album. With the help of a range of musical talent such as grime veteran Ghetts and Californian vocalist Kehlani, Stormzy plans to perform a set list that will have something for everyone.

Two years ago Stormzy was just another rapper trying to get himself and his music noticed. The self-proclaimed ‘child of grime’ was heavily influenced by the likes of Wiley and Skepta who all had a dream of getting grime in the mainstream media. Fast forward to 2017 and the 23-year-old has a number of awards under his belt, a number one album, and is set to headline Wildlife Festival later this year. It’s obvious why Stormzy has emerged from the scrum with a crown on his head: his booming voice and charisma are infectious and his 100-watt, silver-toothed smile lights up the screen. And of course, his music helps.

Bournemouth is going to be treated to a mixture of battle rap mentality with tracks like ‘First Things First’, hyped-up grime bangers with ‘Big For Your boots’ and smoothed-out quiet Stormzy with ‘Velvet’.

Stormzy gang signs and PrayerUndoubtedly, Stormzy will present these parts of himself unapologetically and professionally – just like he does at every performance. He has come a long way from being snuck in the backdoor of the Brits in 2015 by Kanye West, and this is just the beginning for Mr Skeng.

Originally written by Anna Rudd