More than just the awesome soundtrack for the iconic knockout moment in Guy Ritchie’s masterpiece Snatch, the success of classic english post-punk rock band The Stranglers has been long standing, with one and a half million albums sold over 17 album releases and over 600,000 singles sold during their 41 year career.

Last year the band took to the road in March for their Black and White tour, touring the country with sell-out shows nationwide. Following on from their 2015 tour success, the band have another 19 date tour across the British Isles scheduled for March 2017, this time presenting the The Classic Collection to coincide with the planned re-release of their entire studio album catalogue of the golden years 1977-1982.

Veterans in the music industry, the band’s popularity has as of late been revived, their tours breathing life back into tracks some 30 years old and the sold-out status of these gigs lending evidence to their rekindled acclaim. The Stranglers will be performing their golden oldies in Southampton on the 20th March next year, before moving on to perform in their hometown of Guildford on 21st.

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