The comedian will be coming to Southampton in June.

You may not have heard of Stuart ‘Stu’ Goldsmith but that’s all about to change. On April 1st (fitting for a comedian on April Fools), Goldsmith is heading to Cardiff in the first step of many of his upcoming tour, Like I Mean It. His latest set is focusing on topics since he became a father. These include his wife’s insomnia, swimming lessons, the price of blueberries and Brexit. One of those doesn’t sound quite like the other.

In the meantime, you should check out his podcast, The Comedian’s Comedian. It features Goldsmith talking to other comedians about their inspiration and careers thus far. Just a few big name guests he’s had; Russell Brand, Stewart Lee and Tom Walker (who plays the fictional news reporter Jonathan Pie.) It’s a fascinating, funny show that deserves a listen if you want to hear from some of your favourite comedians. It’s rare to get such insight from public figures but Goldsmith is a strong interviewer, sharing the same career and interests as many of his guests.

Goldsmith has received critical acclaim for his work. The List called him “dedicated to the art form” and British Comedy Club has called his set “finely-tuned, expertly written” and “well-sold by his energetic, witty and charming delivery.” This is a show that looks like a ton of fun and that you won’t want to miss.

Tour Dates

Goldsmith’s tour is kicking off in just a few days and tickets are still available at a few select venues so get them now! Some are only £11 so are real cheap and perfect for all your students out there.

April 1st   –  The Glee Club, Cardiff
April 27th –  South Streets Art Centre, Reading
April 28th –  The Pound Arts Centre, Corsham

May 11th  –   Hen & Chicken, Bristol
May 12th  –   Rondo Theatre, Bath
May 16th  –   Epic Studios, Norwich
May 18th  –   Derngate Theatre, Northampton
May 19th  –   Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry
May 20th  –   Henry Tudor House, Shrewsbury
May 23rd  –   Swindon Arts Centre, Swindon
May 26th  –   Maltings, Farnham
May 30th  –   West End Centre, Aldershot

June 1st    –   Lescar Hotel, Sheffield
June 2nd   –   The Basement, York
June 3rd   –    The Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle upon Tyne
June 4th   –    Duke Stdios, Leeds
June 8th   –    Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Southampton
June 9th   –    Cambridge Junction, Cambridge
June 13th –    The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow
June 15th –    The Glee Club, Birmingham
June 16th –    Komedia, Bath
June 17th –    Komedia, Brighton
June 21st -23rd – Soho Theatre, London
June 23rd –    2Northdown, London
June 30th –    Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff