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Formed in 1989, Teenage Fanclub still refuse to give into the six year system of rock ‘n’ roll, where youths would band together, perform, find some label and play until it was all up, over and out of their systems. Nearly three decades later and Teenage Fanclub are still at it with their Scottish roots. The band released five albums in the first six years of formation and were praised and adored as the nation’s treasures.

So what was the big break between albums for? Vocals and bass of the group, Gerard Love explained “I find that as you get older, everything expands. When you start out, the nucleus of the band is so tightly bound, you’re living in each other’s pockets. Later on, you move away from each other and then everything around you – distance and time – just expands. Life gets in the way.”. Whilst bandmate Norman Blake adds, “Getting back together to work, even after all these years, does feel a lot like coming home. Thinking about it now, we really should get together a bit more often.”

However, though the band has stayed together, it is only six years after their success with their 2010 album Shadows that they’ve returned with another studio album. However, the album Here doesn’t disappoint or show any signs of the time the members spent away from one another; instead it portrays the best of their abilities and showcases each member’s singular traits before coming together to make the masterpiece of an album it has become.

Teenage Fanclub

The album boasts of four songs from the band, as as members Blake, Love and McGinley have gotten older they explain that the focus on certain things in life shifts. So the album Here focuses on what’s important to the band – life and the love that can fill it. Raymond McGinley goes on to say. “Lyrically, I think it’s a coincidence that the songs hit on similar themes. We all write individually, there’s no formal discussion about what we’re writing. I always like to think anything’s possible when we make a new record but because of who we are and how we work, there’s always going to be a strong continuity.”

Norman goes on to say, “Possibly the album seems like it’s all about life because we’re all surprised that we’re still here. Gerry’s not quite 50; both myself and Raymond are now. You do start to focus on mortality a bit more as you get older.”

Gerard: “I think in your twenties and thirties, you fear middle age; you fear becoming older. Maybe you can fight it and try to stay as an eternal teenager. I like to think that we play to our strengths, to our understanding of life. Folk music, blues, it’s not necessarily made by young people.”

“A lot of music I find myself drawn to is made by people over 40 years old. It might not be on the cover of NME but it can still deliver a truth.”

With the hopes of Teenage Fanclub getting back to us with their next album a little sooner, their current promotions of Here are more than enough. With their playful thoughts on creating their own genre of “Kraut-folk-rock” and wanting to deliver more truthful music, we can look forward to this band no matter what year it is.

Tour dates (links to Ticketmaster for purchase included):

November 2016

15: Inverness Ironworks

16: Whitley Bay Playhouse *SOLD OUT*

17: Sheffield Leadmill

18: Manchester Academy 2

20: Leeds University

21: Norwich Waterfront

22: London Electric Ballroom *SOLD OUT*

23: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

24: Brighton Concorde 2 *SOLD OUT*

26: Birmingham Institute

27: Cardiff Glee Club *SOLD OUT*

28: Nottingham Rock City

29: Bristol Anson Rooms

30: Cambridge Junction

December 2016

2: Dublin Academy

3: Glasgow Barrowland *SOLD OUT*

4: Glasgow ABC *SOLD OUT*

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